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Encom Launches New Location Intelligent Data Discovery Solution

  • 30 July, 2008 12:27

<p>Sydney, 30 July 2008</p>
<p>A data management system which enables businesses to apply location intelligence to automate the discovery and search of data and associated metadata has been launched today.</p>
<p>Compass Enterprise 3.5 from Encom, a Pitney Bowes company, provides organisations with advanced metadata cataloguing, data management and visual spatial data discovery. The software solution maximises the investment in data stored within corporate content management systems by using a spatial reference to discover information quickly and easily across an organisation.</p>
<p>“Compass enables the search and discovery of data across our organisation,” says Shaun Centa, Geoscientific Systems and Data Specialist, Rio Tinto Exploration. “With Compass, we offer our global users a central information portal, through which they can access data such as plans, images, documents, photos and maps in a quick and intuitive way.”</p>
<p>Approximately, 80 per cent of all data stored and maintained by businesses around the world has a location component and almost 98 per cent of intellectual property in today’s corporate environment is stored electronically.</p>
<p>The location intelligence capability feature of Compass Enterprise differentiates it from document management systems, since it is spatially enabled through the use of embedded GIS technology. This includes a mapping interface enabling users to fully manage spatial information in relation to documents and files.</p>
<p>“Data discovery in any organisation has become a challenging and time- consuming process. This is exacerbated with increasingly distributed IT infrastructures and a market where corporate acquisitions and mergers are commonplace.”</p>
<p>“A system that helps any data consumer to identify and review relevant data assets quickly and easily saves time and minimises the rebuilding or repurchasing of expensive data assets,” said Sean Richards, Director of Strategic Industries, Asia-Pacific, Pitney Bowes Software Inc.</p>
<p>Compass Enterprise 3.5 enables organisations to find internal company data and manage their knowledge by improving discovery and access to information. Utilising metadata, users are able to determine the quality, history and context in which data and information was acquired or created and facilitates the effective use of data, which is ideal in a world where in excess of 30 billion emails are sent globally every day.</p>
<p>While the Compass Enterprise family has been designed to address the problem of retrieving documents based on their spatial context, organisations may also deploy the solution to address regulatory standards compliance. At the same time, Compass is also able to specifically reference traditionally non-spatial data, such as Microsoft Office documents, and annual reports.</p>
<p>“Compass’ incorporation of location intelligence technology can now help organisations turn data into useful information that helps them make business decisions using empirical and not just anecdotal measurements,” said Richards.</p>
<p>Compass Enterprise 3.5 is available immediately.</p>
<p>About Encom</p>
<p>Encom is a leading innovator and global supplier of specialist software, data and services. Encom has a network of over 60 resellers worldwide, and customers in over 100 countries.</p>
<p>Encom was acquired by Pitney Bowes in December 2007 to provide advanced technical software and services to the natural resources sector. Encom was a natural resources strategic partner of Pitney Bowes MapInfo for more than ten years. For further information please visit</p>

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