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SmartSpeak Solutions Calls on RightNow for Customer Service Experience

  • 11 July, 2008 08:19

<p>Sydney, 11 July 2008</p>
<p>Who helps the helpdesk when a support organisation decides to improve its customer service? This was the situation in which SmartSpeak Solutions found itself in early 2008. One of the world’s leading providers of interactive speech managed services, SmartSpeak specialises in hosting dynamic text-to-speech, speech recognition and interactive call flow services built to VoiceXML standards. Put simply, it makes sophisticated but easy-to-use speech solutions such as inbound and outbound calling solutions.</p>
<p>The company’s Network Speech Operation Centre (NSOC) contains enterprise-class servers and systems to reliably host speech applications for all sizes of organisations. Operating in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, its services are in demand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.</p>
<p>In the past few years pressure from SmartSpeak’s growing customer base was stretching helpdesk capabilities to the limit. The number of staff had increased and there was no longer any easy way to follow the progress of a customer support enquiry from initial call through to resolution. In addition, the company’s culture of continually improving customer service was hampered by an inability to proactively monitor and respond to any changes in customer requirements.</p>
<p>Worried about disruption to customer service, SmartSpeak management had resisted the move to a full-blown incident management system for as long as possible, but by 2008, SmartSpeak General Manager, Michael Bishop, knew it was time to bite the bullet.</p>
<p>“We were getting calls from customers and weren’t able to follow the incidents from open to closed,” Bishop explains. “We needed a CRM system that would allow us to track support requests and enquiries through to conclusion.”</p>
<p>The management team evaluated a number of offerings before choosing incident management software from RightNow Technologies. Bishop says, “One of the reasons we went with RightNow is because it is a hosted solution. That means we didn’t have to own the infrastructure and there were no huge upfront costs. The software meets all our requirements and has given us the option of simply turning on additional services as they are required. Global support was also important as we can call upon RightNow resources outside of Australia if required.</p>
<p>To Bishop’s surprise the incident management software was implemented within a week. “We had put off even considering such a solution for a long time because we were worried about the impact it would have on our business. What we experienced was a completely painless implementation,” he smiles. “Business operated as normal while all these massive changes were happening in the background.”</p>
<p>Now, when an enquiry comes in to SmartSpeak’s operations centre from anywhere in the world, RightNow’s rules based management routes the call to an available agent that is operating according to the same time zone. Customer data and detailed contact history remain accessible to the agent no matter where they are located.</p>
<p>“Team leaders have a variety of reports at their fingertips to help them operate more effectively. They can tell if someone is putting in more requests this week compared to last week and they can then investigate why the customer may be having problems. They can take proactive measures to keep them happy,” Bishop notes.</p>
<p>In addition to the core incident management software, SmartSpeak implemented RightNow’s web self-service technology to create a knowledge foundation of frequently asked questions and their answers. It’s a decision that quickly proved its worth.</p>
<p>“SmartSpeak has around 1,300 customers across many different industries using many different technologies,” Bishop says. “Whereas occasionally we had to rely on a few individual staff members for expertise in relation to a particular technology, all our agents now have access to a knowledge repository of answers to commonly asked questions. Customers can also view a breadth of information that just wasn’t previously possible.”</p>
<p>The multi-channel nature of the incident management software has allowed SmartSpeak to continue to manage all operations centre requests no matter how they are received – by email, internet and telephone or via web chat.</p>
<p>“The chat support option has been particularly well received by one of our staff members who is hearing impaired,” Bishop observes. “He used to manage a lot of our emailed customer enquiries but chat has allowed him to correspond instantaneously with customers and to help solve problems in real time,” says Bishop.</p>
<p>Just three months after making major changes to the company’s all-important support processes, Bishop is keen to introduce RightNow to other areas of the business. “We started small with RightNow, only using it with a technical support group of 12 people,” Bishop notes, “and the technology has shown that it works well for our business. Now, we are looking at moving it into other areas such as sales, fulfilment and other departments.”</p>
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