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WebTalk Mobile – taking enterprise content mobile

  • 07 July, 2008 12:50

<p>With the imminent launch of the next wave of mobile web connectivity, via Apple's 3G iPhone, Objective Corporation (ASX: OCL) today announced its strategy for bringing content and process management to mobile workers through WebTalk Mobile.</p>
<p>WebTalk Mobile, based on Objective's industry leading Web Services enabled and standards based Enterprise Content Bus, brings new possibilities to the mobile workforce.</p>
<p>Tony Walls, CEO, Objective Corporation, explains: "In the last three years Objective has taken customers on a journey from a proprietary software architecture to a Service Oriented Architecture and a standards based Enterprise Service Bus. WebTalk, first seen in Objective 7.1, was the embodiment of this transition and our customers are now using Objective in ways never previously thought possible. WebTalk Mobile takes this a step further - into users hands and into the field".</p>
<p>Gartner’s latest report on the iPhone 3G, by Ken Dulaney, predicted that the variety of new compelling applications will mean the iPhone "will enter the enterprise en masse".</p>
<p>"The anticipated success of the iPhone 3G in the enterprise market will drive greater acceptance of the mobile web for business - across all mobile platforms. Our key technology aim is to make interaction with enterprise content in this medium, secure, flexible and fast", said Mr Walls.</p>
<p>From "e-mail" to "notification"</p>
<p>Current market drivers for mobile access to enterprise content have been e-mail centric. E-mails containing links to enterprise content are more consumable for mobile users than emails with content attached. This allows user discretion as to whether they view the attachment live (using cell network speed and cost) or later where potentially WiFi access may be more appropriate.</p>
<p>Objective supports this capability today, via Web Services URL based content referencing. With rendition support, Objective ensures the user gets an appropriate rendition of the document - a PDF version of a site-plan for instance, rather than an AutoCAD file that is clearly not accessible on a mobile.</p>
<p>WebTalk Mobile extends this concept into automated process driven notification.</p>
<p>Many customers’ solutions are process oriented, and as with any process, ‘notification’ is a critical element. For on-line users traditional task lists and e-mail have been the notification platform. WebTalk Mobile extends notifications to SMS and to ‘mobile friendly’ e-mails.</p>
<p>Examples of this form of notification are broad and varied, such as the town planner that needs immediate notification of any new information on a Development Application file they are monitoring or the government minister or departmental secretary who needs to approve a final version of a press release.</p>
<p>Mobile content creation</p>
<p>Whilst the commonly held belief is that smart phone users won't create content, the reality is that they do. With e-mail driving the initial success of smartphone adoption, thanks to Research in Motion’s Blackberry® platform, this content type is an obvious candidate for content management.</p>
<p>Further benefit can be realised when GPS tagged photographs, video and voice messages can easily be classified and stored in the repository with little user interaction, whether submitted on-line from the phone, via an ‘at base’ sync or via e-mail messaging.</p>
<p>"WebTalk Mobile isn't only about providing lightweight web access to mobile users, it's a strategy of deep integration between content, processes and people that provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that supports the mobile user", said Mr Walls.</p>
<p>Objective’s WebTalk Mobile strategy will be showcased at ‘Collaborate’ Objective’s world-wide conference in October.</p>
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