Negotiating the Roadblocks to Doing the Business

Negotiating the Roadblocks to Doing the Business

The eight critical issues capturing the mindshare of CXOs and key business and IT executives at enterprise-class organizations

At IDC's 42nd annual Directions conference in San Jose last year, the information technology market research and CIO sister company showcased its predictions for the coming years in a session called "CXO Priorities".

The session presented research that showed the CIO role is rapidly - and finally - morphing into a business executive role, meaning all IT initiatives should (and will) become business initiatives.

The IDC study identified eight primary drivers and issues. For technology executives to become business executives, it found: they need to have a firm handle on resources (both fiscal and human); they must understand compliance; be able to assess risk; be skilled at cost control; be able to improve time to market; understand the ramifications of globalization; understand customer expectations and comprehend the competitive nature of the business (including industry consolidation).

As (US) CIO magazine publisher Gary Beach put it at the time: "How skilled are you in those eight business areas? Do they excite your passion? If they do, you have a bright future in this business no matter what your title. If they don't, it's time for you to move on."

To help fill in any blanks, or to just inspire a bit of passion, we checked with a few experts about just what's involved in each of those areas. The stories that follow contain their advice.

Part 1 of CXO Priorities | RESOURCES

Part 2 of CXO Priorities | COMPLIANCE

Part 3 of CXO Priorities | RISK

Part 4 of CXO Priorities | COST CONTROL

Part 5 of CXO Priorities | AGILITY

Part 6 of CXO Priorities | GLOBALIZATION

Part 7 of CXO Priorities | THE CUSTOMER

Part 8 of CXO Priorities | COMPETITION

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