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Objective selected to assist Hobsons Bay City Council to enhance services to the community

  • 17 June, 2008 10:23

<p>Hobsons Bay City Council has selected Objective (ASX:OCL) to provide an electronic document and records management solution (EDRMS) to underpin key business processes and enhance the provision of services to the community.</p>
<p>Hobsons Bay City Council is responsible for managing the City of Hobsons Bay, around 10 kilometres west of central Melbourne and covering an area of approximately 66 square kilometres. The Council provides a wide-range of services and facilities to approximately 81,400 residents in the area.</p>
<p>Hobsons Bay City Council commenced their search for an EDRMS solution because they had an out-of-date records management system that needed upgrading. A large amount of information and data was dispersed across numerous databases and needed to be consolidated. Lastly, the Council’s need for legislative and security requirements were crucial to their business processes.</p>
<p>Helen Anstis, Director Business and Finance, Hobsons Bay City Council said: “Objective was chosen because it delivers a secure, compliant electronic content solution that the Council needs to continually improve our services to the community. Objective can be used as our one-stop information shop!”</p>
<p>Objective will be an information repository that provides a single point of access to existing and future corporate knowledge, information and records. It will be used enterprise-wide by approximately 370 users within the Council.
The Council provides a diverse range of functions and services to the community and needs to meet the demands of customers in a timely and efficient manner.</p>
<p>“One of the biggest benefits that Objective will provide is that it will be a repository for all electronic information and with the use of workflow and version control, it will improve collaboration on key business activities throughout the organisation,” said Ms Anstis.
“For example, when a customer services officer takes an enquiry, it will create a workflow in Objective that will allow us to improve our responsiveness while providing accurate records on customer enquiries and how they are managed.”</p>
<p>“Objective will be used for correspondence management. It will include collection and storage of all electronic and hard copy documentation associated with in-coming and out-going correspondence including emails, letters, faxes and Council reports,” says Ms Anstis.</p>
<p>Objective’s workflow and version control features will facilitate improvements in collaboration within the Council. For example, in the creation of Council Reports which have to go through multiple stages of revision and approval before being submitted to the Council.
“Version control and workflow process are vital to this key Council process. It allows Hobsons Bay City Council to make revisions and approve the final version. The result is that there is only ever one single version of a report. This will reduce the duplication of work and provide time savings to the Council and the people of Hobsons Bay.”</p>
<p>“Objective was chosen following a rigorous process. Internal stakeholders played a key role in the decision making process and will continue to be engaged throughout implementation,” said Ms Anstis.</p>
<p>Objective will be implemented in a phased approach with the first stage focusing on in-coming correspondence.</p>
<p>Hobsons Bay City Council needed a solution that would eventually integrate with existing systems in use in the Council.</p>
<p>“Integration was a very important consideration to the Council. It was business critical that the ECM solution could easily integrate with multiple software programs, for example Microsoft Office, and Objective were able to demonstrate their experience and ability do this.”</p>
<p>“The Objective solution is user friendly, it engages users and it makes it easy for them to use the software. It encourages staff to think about the importance of document and records management as a by-product of their work.”</p>
<p>“For example, it is easy for staff to save emails directly into Objective from Outlook. This encourages users to manage their emails and helps them recognise the importance of maintaining electronic correspondence as business records.”</p>
<p>“The simplicity of using Objective and the ease with which you can search for information is crucial to our business and will provide benefits to all users. Educating our organisation and upgrading current business processes will improve services to the community,” said Ms Anstis.</p>
<p>Objective will deliver transparency and accountability for Hobson’s Bay City Council residents and will also ensure the Council’s compliance with the Victorian Public Records Act 1973 and other relevant legislation.</p>
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