’Tis the Season . . .

’Tis the Season . . .

’Tis the Season . . . . . . to be jolly — I think.

Being the season of goodwill and all that I thought it might be a good time to put on a happy face for a change. So no stories about lousy customer service, self-important IT vendors or their self-serving research. And while I’m at it, I’ll also lay off the family this once (just in time for the Christmas giving spirit).

Frankly I’m too tired to work up much of a screed about anything at the moment. This has been one exhausting year (for everyone I think). This month the CIO team managed to put out three publications — CIO, CIO Government and the special CIO Summer Reading edition, which is bundled with this issue. And that was a fit ending to a full-on year. In 2003 we did two conferences, went bi-monthly with CIO Government, launched CIO Connected (along with breakfast briefing in Sydney and Melbourne) and rolled out CSO magazine in November.

I’m also knackered because I just got back from ASOCIO in Vietnam where I spoke at the CIO forum. A bit of information here: I flew to Hanoi with a terrific airline — Vietnam Air. It has great new Boeing 777s, helpful staff, pretty good food and notably gracious and accommodating cabin crews. Perhaps some of our national carrier’s cabin-based employees might take a page or two out of Vietnam Air’s book (oops, a bit of goodwill slippage there — sorry).

So all in all I’m not that sad to see the backend of 2003. The good news, I suppose, is that the pundits and prophets are all predicting an uptake in IT spending next year. Even better news is that the US economy seems to be perking up a bit. The way I figure it, it’s a win-win because that means all the US marketing VPs will stay home (because they now have something to do) and stop leading every presentation with: “The economic downturn continues to affect IT spending, with budgets being slashed . . .” I just luv sitting in an audience and hearing some Yank rattle that off. I know everyone’s thinking: Huh? What economic downturn? I mean the guy’s credibility just goes swish out the door. (Is that another bit of backwards sliding re the goodwill thing? Sorry again.)

Okay. Okay. This time I’m gonna try real hard to stick with this goodwill bit. How’s this? As a bit of a holiday gift, we’ve done the special Summer Reading edition of CIO (pictured above). There’s a heap of book reviews, an executive toy or two and our first-ever index. So Happy New Year and happy reading.

Me, I’m taking a few weeks off, staying home and enjoying Sydney. That should give my husband plenty of time to give me more than enough fodder for my first column next year. (Damn. There goes the Chrissie pressie, for sure.)

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