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Zepto launches the world's most energy efficient notebook PC

  • 28 April, 2008 15:37

<p>Zepto launches the world's most energy efficient notebook PC</p>
<p>Zepto has developed the world's most energy efficient notebook PC. Notus, which is the name of Zepto's latest notebook PC has a 12,1" screen and a power consumption which is roughly 50% lower than similar notebook PC's in today's market. This means that Notus delivers a record battery life of up to 9 hours. The Notus casing is made from a magnesium alloy, resulting in a weight of just 1,1kg and a strong chassis capable of withstanding a fall from 1 meters or the height of a desk.</p>
<p>Zepto, Europe's leading manufacturer of notebook PC's, has accomplished yet another first in the introduction of the latest technology of notebook PC's.</p>
<p>"Thanks to the new McCaslin processors from Intel, we have achieved as the first manufacturer in the world to lower power consumption in a notebook PC to a mere 4,1 watt, measured in Energy Star 4.0 standard. Power consumption of other notebook PC's nowadays lies between 8-12 watt", says Morten Kjarsgaard, COO, Zepto A/S.</p>
<p>This low power consumption means that Notus delivers a full working day on a fully charged battery. The technology inside the machine is protected against fluids with a waterproof casing and is strong enough to resist the impact of a drop from a desk.</p>
<p>"Notus is a notebook PC suited for those who need to have their notebooks with them whilst traveling. It is ultra light, has a record battery life and is resistant to most forms of liquids and impacts", says Morten Kjarsgaard, COO, Zepto A/S.</p>
<p>Zepto now launches an ultra portable notebook computer, specifically designed for customers with high demands to the portable characteristics of their computers. The computer is robust and has an ultra light chassis, strong enough to resist a fall from a meter's height. A toppled cup of coffee poses no problem for this small computer, which has a 12 inch LED screen of only 3,5mm thickness.</p>
<p>Notus is delivered as standard with a 3.5 millimeter thick 12 inch LED screen, Bluetooth 2.0, wireless network in N-standard, which secures data transfers of 300Mbit and a TPM encryption module for the 80GB hard disk. The TPM module ensures a high standard of security, and makes sure that data stored on the hard disk can not be entered when the computer has been stolen.</p>
<p>This new 12" notebook from can be ordered online via from 30.4.2008 at a starting price of under $2,000.</p>
<p>For more information please contact:
Nils Jensen, MD, Zepto Australia
Telephone: 03 5977 7048, E-mail:</p>

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