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Raritan Introduces First Intelligent Power Distribution Unit to Improve Data Centre Operations

  • 09 April, 2008 14:04

<p><i>Dominion PX PDU drives data centre energy efficiency and reduces costs and downtime</i></p>
<p>To address the growing number of power issues in data centres - from spiraling power costs and limited power availability to high-density computing’s impact on data-centre cooling and design - Raritan today announced Dominion® PX, the most advanced <a href="">power distribution unit (PDU)</a> on the market.</p>
<p>Raritan’s intelligent PDU enables IT administrators to remotely control and obtain detailed, real-time information on energy consumed by individual servers via the Dominion <a href="">PX's</a> easy-to-use browser interface. Optional humidity and temperature sensors can also be placed anywhere within a rack cabinet to monitor environmental conditions that may degrade server performance or cause equipment failure.</p>
<p>The new PDU comes at a critical time for data centre managers given a recent report from the US EPA* that power failures and limits on power availability will interrupt data centre operations at more than 90 per cent of all companies over the next three years,.</p>
<p>“The Dominion PX provides unparalleled visibility of power usage at a time when power and heating issues in data-centres are reaching crisis point. IT administrators can better manage power consumption and reduce costs through the Dominion’s advanced features,” said Gary Hull, Raritan Regional Director, Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>“You can only manage what you can measure” said Hull. “Power, temperature and humidity thresholds can now be preset to raise alerts of server and rack environment issues that cause server degradation and equipment failure. IT administrators and data-centre managers can proactively reduce outages, service downtime and the associated costs.”</p>
<p>The Dominion PX PDU offers the most comprehensive set of security features, and is the first PDU to offer 256-bit AES encryption for secure remote-access to mission-critical servers and other IT devices. ‘Hung’ servers can be quickly accessed from anywhere and power recycled to restore services.</p>
<p>Dominion PX is also the only PDU to support the IPMI 2.0 and SMASH protocols to allow flexible integration with network and enterprise management tools. The intelligence and flexibility of the Dominion PX PDU comes from Raritan’s award-winning KIRA™ 100 system on a chip that provides secure TCP/IP access and monitoring capabilities.</p>
<p>As a productivity tool, IT administrators can use the PX to define their business power-management policies for a server, or a group of servers. Power outlets can be grouped on one or across multiple Dominion PX units to support application requirements.</p>
<p>Administrators can also pre-define power sequencing within a server rack to prevent surge overload if all devices were turned on simultaneously. Circuit breakers, rather than fuses provide easier and less expensive maintenance.</p>
<p><b>Pricing and Availability</b><br/>
The Dominion PX PDU currently has 15 models that range from eight to 20 outlets and is available in Zero U, 1U and 2U form factors. The RRP starts at AU$713.00. The Dominion PX is self-contained and does not require any additional hardware or software. Optional humidity and temperature sensors are available.</p>
<p><b>About Raritan (<a href=""></a>)</b><br/>
Raritan is a leading provider of secure IT infrastructure management solutions that provide the control needed to optimize data-centre productivity, enhance branch office operations and increase <a href="">power management</a> efficiency. In over 50,000 locations around the world, Raritan’s integrated secure in-band and out-of-band server access, control and power management products assist companies manage their data-centres and optimise power consumption.</p>
<p>Based in Somerset, N.J., Raritan has 38 offices worldwide, including Sydney and Melbourne. For more information, please visit <a href=""></a>.</p>
* Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency Public Law 109-431, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR Program (August 2007)</p>

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