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The Learning Group Launches E-Learning Solution for Fraud and Risk Education

  • 20 February, 2008 08:39

<p>Sydney, 20 February 2008
In response to the positive industry feedback from its customised learning solution for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, The Learning Group, a specialist Australian e-learning development company, has now integrated its AML and counter terrorism financing training into on overall offering in fraud and risk education.</p>
<p>The Learning Group’s tailored anti-money laundering course is offered in two ways. It can either be hosted on most learning management systems, or delivered via the company’s LearningRoom hosted system which allows training departments to create, schedule, deliver and report on, online learning activities.</p>
<p>In LearningRoom, learning objects can be “pushed” to employees using standard email, subscription, or mobile technologies. At the same time, management benefit from receiving detailed response tracking. It is designed to deliver a series of brief learning encounters which increases employee interaction with learning materials, encourages collaboration using blogs, shortens employee training time, and increases the retention of the material.</p>
<p>Both prior and since government regulation for AML came into effect in December 2007, The Learning Group’s e-learning platform has provided organisations with the opportunity to learn and understand the AML and counter terrorism financing requirements and the consequences of non-compliance.</p>
<p>Mickey Clark, CEO, The Learning Group, indicates that “for most firms we recommend customised learning solutions which utilise a company’s unique workplace situation to ensure that learners not only know what the AML legislation is, but can also recognise situations in which financial transactions may be considered suspicious.</p>
<p>“However, for many organisations, we recommend a more sustained style of learning in which employees are sent, via email, a “ThinkBreak” covering an AML workplace scenario every three months and then spend five minutes on deciding what is the appropriate action to take in a particular situation.</p>
<p>“With risk and fraud being ongoing issues for business, integrating our AML course into an overall offering tackling the issues surrounding money trails and the financing of illegal activities is a natural extension of our capability.”</p>
<p>Financial services firm, Challenger, selected the LearningRoom e-learning solution over traditional classroom-based training for its employees.</p>
<p>Jillian Haggerty, General Manager of Compliance &amp; Operational Risk for Challenger, said, “The benefit to Challenger was twofold. For our employees, the online system provided an informed, interactive and flexible approach to training required as part of their individual role. For management, the online alternative allowed Challenger to more readily monitor its completion across the breadth of our business, without the time or resourcing required of a manual approach.”</p>
<p>The Learning Group offers organisations a variety of AML courses to match an individual company’s requirements. The Getting a Grasp on Anti-money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing course covers the basic training required by legislation and can be rapidly customised, implemented and deployed.</p>
<p>The AML content takes its place alongside the company’s other training offerings in EEO, OH&amp;S, Fair Trading, Privacy, Financial Service Advice, and other titles.</p>
<p>“E-learning has shown many advantages in the overall training ecosystem. Not only can it be used to train a large number of geographically dispersed employees in a short timeframe, but results and progress reports on the training itself can be easily collated and provided for auditing purposes.</p>
<p>“Customers, for example, are able to assess the most common misconceptions for AML, and address these misconceptions with targeted remedial training. With opportunities for online fraud certain to continue, training to counter the problem is a moral imperative in business,” said Clark.</p>
<p>About The Learning Group
Established in 1993, The Learning Group is a specialist Australian e-learning development and learning services company. The organisation has more than 275 clients, including global corporations, and more than 1.4 million learner hours of online learning experience.
Its LearningRoom rapid-response online learning environment enables clients to manage small interactive online and blended learning activities, including LearningMail and "ThinkBreaks", which provide organisations with rapid, sustainable bite-sized pieces of training as part of a company’s learning and communications campaigns.</p>

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