Blog: Your IT infrastructure has reached its end-of-life. Now What?

Blog: Your IT infrastructure has reached its end-of-life. Now What?

The disposal of old IT assets is becoming as complicated as the acquisition of new ones. Each PC, server, storage system or IT device you retire poses a security risk and potential environmental hazard. Over the next five years, 800 MILLION PC's will be replaced. What are the odds your sensitive corporate information or customer data will end up in the wrong hands due to improper disposal? What about the environmental impact? Even 1 out of 800 million is too high a risk.

While internal IT professionals are vital to the operation and security of internal IT infrastructure, companies must turn to outside experts to help mitigate exposure, liability and risk of security breaches and IP/Customer data leaks. Let's face it, how many CIO's & IT pros reading this right now have so much time on their hands that they can go and inventory end of life IT assets in a warehouse or closet or develop a safe and secure IT asset disposition strategy?

That's why you need to look outside the walls of your corporation to assist you with an IT strategy that will let you sleep at night knowing that your company and customer data is absolutely secure and that your IT assets are not ending up on the shores of a third-world company with your company's assets tags shouting your company name.

Things to look for in an ITAD company:

  • Data Security
  • Chain-of-Custody Reporting System
  • PROOF of EPA recycling
  • Asset Management and Identification
  • On-line ordering and tracking
  • Certificates of Destruction/Erasure/Recycling...on-demand.
  • Having the entire process done with the click of a mouse

When you have a sound IT asset disposition strategy in place, you will not only help your company preserve its brand equity and customer data, you will also be doing your part in helping the environment. And by having an ITAD strategy in place, you will also help your company become part of a community of companies that prove they actually care about the environment. And this looks great in the eyes of your customers, both current and future.

For more information on how to develop a safe, secure and environmentally sound ITAD strategy, contact John David Apkarian @ Converge-NextPhase. The global leader in IT Asset Disposition for over 25 years:

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