Blog: Is Bigstring the next BIG THING on the web ?

Blog: Is Bigstring the next BIG THING on the web ?

I was watching the news last night, well reading email and listening to the news and I hear comments like "recall emails", "remotely delete emails" and I put down my email and I start to watch the news, now they have my attention. IT was NBC I think, interviewing the CEO of discussing, what I believe could be a revolution in the world of email. It might be the next Facebook or Youtube. This is one to watch. One to check out, and one to decide if you will let it into your corporate email domain..... if you can stop it.

The creators of Bigstring suggest that their solution allows you to send:

Self-Destructing Email

Recallable/Erasable Email

Non-Forwardable Email

Non-Printable/Savable Email

And Much More

One day you have an email, the next day you don't, did you really have the email..... no evidence, no trail. This puts total control in the hands of the sender but would create all kinds of havoc for people who receive these emails. Is this a service that will appeal more to home email users, does it have a place in the corporate email world?

Could this change email as we know it........ For me right now there are more questions than answers. They are answers and decisions we need to find and make so we are prepared to respond to users, corporate auditors, privacy and records executives.

Kudos to bigstring for developing the functionality.

For me this is "One to Watch"

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