Multiple Personalities

Multiple Personalities

This ingenious indicator can help you fully understand your Personality Type E(mail)

Power response people are those who use e-mail to assert their sense of importance, adding the word Urgent irrespective of its relevance and copying the world whenever they do anything good.

Attentive people are those who constantly monitor their inbox, looking immediately at each e-mail as it arrives, though doing nothing with it. Attentives assume everyone else is similarly glued to their computer, so frequently send e-mails about events occurring in the next hour, like last minute meeting cancellations and cakes arriving in the tearoom.

The Necessary evil people regard e-mail as another life admin task, like brushing teeth or washing the dog, and therefore check e-mail only when other useful, valuable activities allow time. They realize that anything important will be communicated in person or by phone, so regard e-mail only as background or historic information.

Handling of E-mail

Handling traits give information about a person's organizational orientation, indicated by the PATH used to file e-mails.

Personal-oriented users file e-mails by the sender's name Activity-oriented users file according to the subject or topic Time-oriented users file by the date sent Holistic-oriented users keep everything in one big folder, which includes those who leave all e-mails in the Inbox.

Those who delete every e-mail as soon as they're read are both Holistic and Envied. I did hear of one user who didn't know how to create folders, so filed everything in the Recycle Bin. He's in the subclass Dis-oriented.

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