Seven Highly Effective Ways to Kill Innovation (and Seven to Make Sure You Don't)

Seven Highly Effective Ways to Kill Innovation (and Seven to Make Sure You Don't)

Innovation doesn't just happen, it comes from careful tending of creative teams. Find out if you or your company is guilty of squashing good ideas and their growth

Innovation killer #2: Tell everyone to "think outside of the box," hold a brainstorming session, then call it a day.

Great ideas are the seeds of innovation; they are not innovation itself. "Everyone [for example] has the idea for a book in their head," says Koulopoulos, "but there's a huge gap between 'book in the head' and the laborious process of writing the thing."

Invention and innovation are mistakenly synonymous in so many people's minds; but they are different and you need both. Koulopoulos points out that companies that get innovation right have a holistic view of innovation and create a culture to ensure that it flourishes. This means a process to support innovation is created, implemented and communicated so that everyone knows how it works and is able to participate.

Innovation tip: Create a formalized process for ensuring that ideas are nurtured.

Next: Who should control the innovation process?

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