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META Group Identifies Leaders in Portfolio Management Tools Market, Forecasts Consolidation

  • 26 May, 2004 10:46

<p>SYDNEY, Australia. (May 24, 2004) — In its continued effort to help users evaluate vendor offerings, META Group (Nasdaq: METG) today announced the availability of a METAspectrumSM report on the portfolio management tool market. Executives, decision makers, and managers use portfolio management tools to rationalize, manage, and improve their ability to make increasingly complex business, operational, and organizational decisions, accounting for such factors as risk tolerance, investment performance goals, revenue generation, and costs.</p>
<p>“We believe this market will reach $480 million in size by 2005, fueled largely by services companies that represent their own models within various brands of portfolio management tools,” said Doug Lynn, vice president with META Group’s Executive Directions advisory service. “Undoubtedly, the core discipline of portfolio management will expand in project management and asset management tools as well as practices within enterprises of mostly medium and large enterprises.”</p>
<p>META Group expects consolidation and competitive landscape changes in this market over the next 18 to 24 months. Moreover, META Group believes the vendors that are situated closest to the market boundaries are most ripe for acquisition, because they lack the presence needed to execute an acquisition strategy themselves.</p>
<p>The predominant criteria users should consider in their evaluations of portfolio management tools and vendors include functionality, channel development, and the ability to keep up with maturing customer needs. Before making a tool investment, users should ensure that required functionality is already available in currently held releases of portfolio management software, because more advanced functionality, particularly in optimization, requires maturity through application and implementation.</p>
<p>Ten small software vendors were evaluated in this report. META Group believes market success will remain more dependent on performance (functionality, services, etc.) than presence through 2004. Over time, execution will become a larger success driver, as leaders expand their installed bases and strengthen market share control points.</p>
<p>Leaders in this market have functionality that centers on scenario simulation (e.g., creation, assessment planning) and refined, automated optimization techniques that produce actionable opportunity models and decision output for downstream managers on which to execute. Leaders also have an indirect sales channel that accelerates sales and fuels much-needed maintenance revenue.</p>
<p>Challengers in this market have less depth and breadth of functionality than leaders do, predominantly due to their heritage and/or focus. The market has no followers.</p>
<p>About METAspectrum</p>
<p>META Group’s METAspectrumSM provides a framework for evaluating or selecting an appropriate IT vendor or product, simplifies the decision process, and enables more effective technology investments. META Group’s research efforts, which adhere to META Group’s commitment to objectivity, are conducted independently, based on industry best-practice research methodologies and subject to the highest levels of review by META Group’s research community. To learn more about METAspectrum, visit or call (800) 945-META.</p>
<p>About META Group</p>
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<p>Markom Marketing</p>
<p>Peter Carr, Vice President, Director Operations</p>
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