Blog: Where is the Power? What is the Point?

Blog: Where is the Power? What is the Point?

A friend of mine told me recently, that her company has further tightened up the usage of PowerPoint: The maximum number of slides per meeting has now been reduced from 4 to 1.

Another told me about a project manager who came to the steering group meeting with 75 slides. He was driven off because he was "too unprepared, needing so many slides to present his case".

We all know that orgies of PowerPoint are a night mare.

Is the speaker showing slides instead of giving a message? Are the slides used as a note book? Is the speaker reading directly from the slides with his/her face turned away from the audience?

The focus of computer slide ware is more on format than on content, not saying that format is unimportant. But, is computer slide ware needed at all in business?

To quote a customer who stopped a sales person giving an endless slide ware show: "Where is the Power? What is the Point?".

PS. I am sure you have seen this one - How NOT to use PowerPoint:

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