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Four out of five customers recommend Aurion

  • 05 September, 2006 13:52

<p>BRISBANE, September 5. More than 80 per cent of Aurion customers recommend Aurion to their peers, and nearly as many say the company's Human Resources and Payroll products and services represent good value for money.</p>
<p>The figures come from the results of the company's first Customer Satisfaction Survey.</p>
<p>Aurion's National Sales Manager, Paul MacRae, said: "Sixty-seven per cent of our customers responded to the survey, with the majority of respondents holding management or senior management positions within their companies.</p>
<p>"Forty-one of those customers have been with Aurion for between five and 10 years, but 12 have been with us for between 10 and 15 years and two for more than 15 years, so we were delighted by the depth of customer knowledge reflected in the results."</p>
<p>The number of employees served by the respondent customers was predominantly in the 200-plus bracket, with 31 at the 1,000-plus employees level.</p>
<p>"The survey confirmed that our customers, large and small, recognise our efforts in the areas of technical and product development, support, pricing, understanding the customer's business, value for money and legislative awareness," said MacRae.</p>
<p>The survey confirmed the company's strengths in:</p>
<p>• A partner/provider worth recommending (more than 75 per cent of respondents said they recommend Aurion to others).
• Providing good value for money (more than 79 per cent of respondents said Aurion represented good value for money).
• Understanding Aurion customers' business needs.
• Improving their productivity.
• Staying abreast of legislation and market trends.
• As a products and services innovator.
• As a partner as well as a provider.
• Providing products that add value.
• Responding to requests for information, pricing and assistance in a timely and informative manner.
• Having expert trainers, technical assistance teams and consultants.</p>
<p>"We scored 60 per cent or higher in all these vital areas," Mr MacRae said.</p>
<p>The Aurion technical team's depth of knowledge and ranking for keeping pace with market trends (above) delivered some 'wish list' responses that will be used in future Aurion Roadmaps.</p>
<p>Paul MacRae said some of the comments received were very pleasing, including: 'Aurion continues to be an innovative leader in the provision of HR software/services within Australia - but unfortunately needs to better market its product as 'absolute value for dollar'.</p>
<p>The survey also highlighted a number of wish-list areas that Aurion has passed to the development team for evaluation.</p>
<p>"Many items flagged as 'desirable' in the survey are already in the planning stages with our technical development department," said MacRae. "But there also were some ideas that were new. Future Aurion Roadmaps will reflect many of these suggestions."</p>
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About Aurion
Aurion Corporation is a leading provider of HRMS solutions in Australia, with a track record of innovation since its beginnings in 1985. It was the first company to deliver a HR Self Service system in Australia and one of the first globally. Its performance measure is that all Aurion implementations are successful.
Aurion is wholly Australian owned. Queensland Government is the majority shareholder with Business Management Limited (BML) and the Aurion founders (the original development team remain as shareholders) holding the remaining equity.
Aurion's hundreds of Australian clients include News Ltd., Boeing, John Fairfax, Thiess and many state, local and federal government agencies.
For more information</p>
<p>Paul MacRae, Aurion - 07 3368 9630 or +61 400 826080</p>

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