100 Proof

100 Proof

When you reach 100 a bit of navel-gazing is allowed.

When you focus on a "numbered" issue like this one, you start, well, thinking about numbers. Like how many stories have appeared (dunno, but probably around 1000 and then another 400-or-so columns and opinion pieces). Like the number of words I've read (don't want to know). Like the number of times I dissed my husband (too many, although he's usually a reasonably good sport about it). Like the number of CIOs there were back in 1997 (about seven) and the number of CIOs there are now (hundreds and counting). Like the number of IT vendors then (hundreds and counting) and now (about seven).

Nine years on and I feel like I've done three MBAs in CIOdom. Not that I think that I could do the job. After all, the classroom is merely theory, while the proof is in the real world. However, over the years I've developed one heck of a BS detector along with a reasonable pair of antennae when it comes to "what's up", "what's next" and when to move the magazine to a new and higher plane (continuity, like membership, has its privileges).

My BS detector seems to be working overtime these days, but I've always thought that was one of my most important roles: to stand between you and a whole world of BS (not as dirty a job as you might think; it has its moments). Moving to a higher plane is one of the more exciting aspects of editing this mag because personally it keeps me on my toes and it's great when we're out there covering issues, people and technologies before anyone else.

That said, I guess I've always felt the all-important charter of this magazine is advocacy. And that's one thing about CIO that will never change as long my name sits at the top of the publisher's panel. Here's why: over the years I have never met a CIO or equivalent who wasn't doing his or her honest best to deliver - even in the most trying of circumstances. I can't say the same for various other C-titles.

Back in April 1997 I wrote: "I'm convinced that the CIO phenomenon is not just another buzzword making the rounds." It's nice to know that at least I started this journey with an accurate prediction.

Better yet, the journey itself has been one bang-up hoot for me. On this side - the one you don't see until the end product - I get to work with great writers, artists, designers and photographers. On the outside, I have the honour of getting to know you. The bottle of champagne (I had to make do with 1998, but what's a year among friends?) is there to toast it all: 100 issues, all the extremely talented people involved with getting this baby out each month, and mostly to all of you - because nobody does IT better.


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