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Oz consulting firm pilots DLO project for UK’s Royal Mail

  • 28 June, 2004 16:18

<p>In a bid to address one of the toughest labour management problems in the UK, Australian boutique consulting firm, SMT Consulting, has recently completed a pilot program for Royal Mail. Selected from the world’s most respected consulting firms, SMT secured this coveted project due to its experience in niche process industries and development of the Demand and Labour Optimisation (DLO) principles and interface.</p>
<p>“Postal organisations worldwide desperately need to improve the utilisation of their resources, both machine and labour, to achieve cost reductions and improved performance,” said Greg Bywater, Director, SMT Consulting.</p>
<p>“SMT has implemented DLO pilot programs for Royal Mail, resulting in significant time and cost efficiencies. We have also successfully applied DLO locally at Australia Post, as well as in a number of organisations around the globe. Outcomes have averaged 20 – 50 per cent in labour cost reductions and throughput increases of 20 – 30 per cent,” said Bywater.</p>
<p>The allocation of labour and machine resources within process operations is not a new problem, however until now there has not been a dedicated management discipline or software solution to address it. This gap led SMT to develop DLO, a methodology and software interface designed to strategically manage demand and labour in process industries.</p>
<p>“Demand and Labour Optimisation is relevant to companies who employ significant numbers of people as key operatives in the value delivery system,” said Bywater.</p>
<p>The methodology is based on the ability to anticipate demand and translate it into detailed human and physical resource requirements. The DLO software translates this data into a format suitable for inputting into traditional scheduling software, allowing process industries to leverage from manufacturing software solutions – something they have been unable to do in the past due to data incompatibilities.</p>
<p>SMT has now completed DLO pilots in one Royal Mail location and the program is currently under consideration for further roll-outs across the UK.</p>
<p>SMT Consulting is a specialist supply chain and business performance consultancy that has been working in partnership with leading Australian and international companies for over 15 years. It has offices in Sydney and Melbourne and has carried out assignments across Australia, Asia and Europe.</p>

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