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Serena Unveils 12 Month Product Direction and Deliverables around ALM

  • 07 July, 2004 17:26

<p>SERENA Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: SRNA), the largest company solely focused on managing change throughout the application lifecycle, has unveiled additional details on the company’s product direction and deliverables following its successful acquisition of Merant.</p>
<p>Focused on helping CIOs and IT managers address today’s top business challenges such as process improvement, regulation compliance and growing application complexity, Serena has expanded and is delivering on its Serena Application Framework for Enterprises (SAFE™), the company’s strategic vision for driving IT efficiency through process-to-process integration.</p>
<p>Serena is executing on an aggressive 12-month product integration strategy that will bring together the strengths of Serena and former Merant technology under the cohesive framework and vision of SAFE. With SAFE, Serena will deliver a comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution to organisations worldwide, providing insight, control and predictability for business success.</p>
<p>“In just 51 days Serena closed the acquisition of Merant, which is a significant accomplishment given the size, scope and legal complexity surrounding this deal. With this acquisition, and our highly complementary product lines, Serena is ideally positioned to increase its share of the growing ALM market,” said Mark Woodward, president and CEO of SERENA Software, Inc.</p>
<p>“Organisations have cut costs in almost all aspects of IT operations over the past three years, and are now coming to the conclusion that inconsistent and inefficient processes are the primary inhibitors to increases in IT productivity. In order for IT departments to effectively improve processes, decrease costs and produce higher quality applications, they must embrace holistic and process-centric management of the people, assets and tools within IT,” said David Balazsy, Managing Director of SERENA Software in Australia.</p>
<p>"We employ both Serena and former Merant products within our environment and are excited about the possibilities this acquisition affords," said Bill Fenlon, director of enterprise computing at Trustmark Insurance in the USA. "With increasing industry regulations and competitive pressures demanding new ways to deliver customer value, IT is now expected to have a positive and direct impact on the bottom-line. Having a comprehensive and integrated solution from a single vendor will help us achieve that more efficiently."</p>
<p>Addressing Today’s Business Challenges
In today’s macro-economic climate, enterprises are demanding better solutions to help them develop, deploy and manage the mission-critical software applications that run their businesses. With Web services, outsourcing initiatives, legacy system maintenance and other key market and business drivers, application infrastructure is becoming more complex and difficult to manage. At the same time, IT expectations are increasing and companies are facing heightened customer demands, enhanced competition, intense pressure to reduce costs, increasing compliance regulations, process improvement mandates, and tight time-to-market deadlines.</p>
<p>Process-centric ALM Approach
To date, traditional Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) approaches attempting to address these primary business challenges, such as QA-centric or development-centric, have focused on the underlying technology or the quality of change. As a result, companies fall short in their ability to thoroughly integrate processes leading to undetected software errors and less efficient operations.</p>
<p>Recognising this inefficiency, Serena is leveraging its strength in the Enterprise Change Management (ECM) market and its SAFE vision to break down the silos between development and operations.</p>
<p>By focusing on process-to-process integration to automate the process links between the people, tools and assets in the IT environment, enterprises can achieve predictability in IT processes and garner the greatest cost-saving efficiencies. Serena’s process-centric approach is designed to provide pro-active detection of software errors and other problematic IT issues without requiring any proprietary technology infrastructure and as a result, delivers the best return on IT for businesses.</p>
<p>“Serena is moving quickly with its integration of Merant, and expects the acquisition to help it significantly accelerate delivery of its SAFE vision,” said Melissa Webster, research director at IDC. “With the Merant acquisition, Serena's change and configuration management product offering now spans mainframe and distributed systems, and the company’s SAFE framework should provide the process integration to address several key and emerging ALM business challenges that enterprises are facing today.”</p>
<p>Serena Product Portfolios for ALM
To further Serena’s mission to deliver exceptional value through its software and services, Serena’s product portfolios will support processes throughout the application development lifecycle.</p>
<p>Serena’s initial focus will be to expand on, deliver and build solid integrations across several key products within the SAFE framework. The company has already integrated Serena® TeamTrack® with several Merant products and is also beginning to create a shared and common infrastructure for SAFE products that will include versioning, license management, unified build management, deployment, UI technology and process management.</p>
<p>Planned integrations include:</p>
<p>· Serena TeamTrack and Serena® Professional™ (Version Manager) - The integration between TeamTrack and VM will create deeper process capabilities, insight and control into projects. With TeamTrack, code development groups can be integrated with other organisational functions, creating a more efficient and integrated company.</p>
<p>Serena TeamTrack and Serena® ChangeMan® – Extending the initial integration between ChangeMan and TeamTrack will enable common process capabilities across teams that have disparate geographic locations, but work together on common projects. This will provide a single enterprise view across different technical roles and locations.</p>
<p>· Serena TeamTrack and Serena® Dimensions™ – The integration between Dimensions and TeamTrack will enable companies to extend processes to broader audiences outside of application development and provide request management across other solutions.</p>
<p>"IT organisations are in a position to reinvent themselves by examining the efficiency and capabilities an enterprise-wide solution can provide,” says John Jackola, Enterprise Configuration Manager for Caremark, one of the largest pharmaceutical services companies in the United States. “It is imperative that the tools selected to support that endeavour create a nexus among the organisation’s vertical delivery components. I am very excited about Serena's direction and I believe their products empower an organisation to achieve such benefits."</p>
<p>About Serena
SERENA Software, Inc. is the world’s largest company solely focused on managing change throughout the application lifecycle. For more than two decades, Serena has enabled companies to automate change to the applications that run their businesses. Serena’s Application Framework for Enterprises (SAFE™) is the unique next-generation framework for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), providing cross-platform, cross-process and cross-organisational support across application lifecycle processes, regardless of platform. The SAFE approach helps streamline development, improve productivity and lower development costs, resulting in a highly efficient enterprise. Serena has more than 15,000 customer sites worldwide, including 49 of the Fortune 50. Serena is headquartered in San Mateo, California with offices in more than 20 countries. For more information, please visit</p>
<p>For further information please contact:
David Balazsy SERENA 03 9522 4404
Shuna Boyd BoydPR 03 9418 8100</p>

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