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Cummins Revs Up CRM Capabilities with Integrated Solution from StayinFront

  • 23 July, 2004 07:46

<p>Cummins South Pacific, a division of Cummins, Inc. (NYSE: CMI) has selected StayinFront, a leading global provider of enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools and e-business systems, to deliver an integrated CRM solution for its operations in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.</p>
<p>The world’s largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines for use in the automotive, marine, power generation, mining and other industrial sectors, Cummins has more than 36 facilities and 1500 employees in the South Pacific region.</p>
<p>The company conducted a search for a CRM solution late last year after recognising the need to enhance its understanding of its customers and their varying contributions to the organisation’s profitability.</p>
<p>“We needed better access to information about our customers to enable us to improve the effectiveness of our customer contacts and increase the value of each interaction for both ourselves and our customers,” said Dennis Quinn, marketing director of Cummins South Pacific.</p>
<p>Cummins embarked on an extensive evaluation process that involved in-depth assessments of three leading CRM suppliers before choosing StayinFront for its breadth of functionality, stability and usability.</p>
<p>“StayinFront offered the best match for our needs in a highly intuitive configurable solution that will integrate closely with key enterprise systems like our MOVEX ERP system and Lotus Notes. StayinFront’s proven ability to develop a system that is highly tailored to our unique processes and needs ensures the best possible fit for our organisation and maximum acceptance by our users,” Mr Quinn said. “We are very aware that, historically, CRM systems have failed due to poor user acceptance, so usability was a key factor in our selection process.”</p>
<p>The StayinFront solution will initially be rolled out to 200 users across Australia, improving the ability of staff to share and collaborate on customer information, understand the hierarchical relationships amongst complex accounts, and enhance the effectiveness of marketing and promotional activities.</p>
<p>“By giving us a total view of each customer relationship, the StayinFront CRM solution will enable us to make more effective and profitable decisions at every level of our operation. We’ll be able to analyse customer sales and losses, more accurately assess our costs and direct our efforts to highest value opportunities,” said Mr Quinn. “We also want to use CRM to improve our internal communication about each customer and any issues they may have, so we can deliver the best customer support in the industry.”</p>
<p>As well as StayinFront Visual Elk CRM, Cummins has also purchased StayinFront Campaign Management, a powerful organisational program, to manage all phases of corporate campaigns such as mail campaigns and response registration; StayinFront Opportunity Management to support team selling, as well as manage activities, tasks and rewards; and StayinFront Panorama, a powerful data analysis and decision support tool; plus expert consulting skills to ensure a successful implementation.</p>
<p>StayinFront uses a unique library of object-oriented data models to enable rapid delivery of a CRM solution that is an exact fit for the Cummins business structure without requiring a lengthy or expensive programming exercise. The company has already completed a comprehensive functional specification and prototype, with the production system due to go live by the end of September 2004.</p>
<p>“StayinFront’s flexible, configurable enterprise solutions allow companies like Cummins South Pacific to achieve their CRM objectives,” said Andrew Campbell, managing director of StayinFront Group Australia Pty Ltd.</p>
<p>“With StayinFront as its CRM partner, Cummins South Pacific can achieve better identification of new business opportunities, improved business planning and reporting and more effective customer relationships. We’re pleased to welcome Cummins South Pacific to our growing list of CRM clients in Australia.”</p>
<p>About Cummins South Pacific
Cummins Inc. is the world’s largest independent designer and manufacturer of diesel engines. The key markets for these engines are on-highway vehicles, industrial equipment and power generation. In addition, Cummins provides filtration and acoustic systems, natural gas engines, engine components and electronic systems.</p>
<p>Cummins South Pacific is headquartered in Melbourne and has 36 locations across the South Pacific. Through these facilities, Cummins’ activities include manufacturing, remanufacturing of components, warehousing and distribution, engineering and technical groups, sales and marketing operations and strategically located after sales and service facilities. These operations and functions support the market leadership that Cummins enjoys in the diesel business through the South Pacific and are specifically directed to increase customer service and satisfaction and maintaining Cummins number one market position. For further information please go to</p>
<p>About StayinFront, Inc.
StayinFront, Inc. is a leading global provider of enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools and eBusiness systems. StayinFront's family of products includes StayinFront Visual Elk, the company's flagship CRM software; StayinFront Panorama, a powerful stand-alone or integrated data analysis and decision support tool; StayinFront Web Works, an eBusiness configuration technology; StayinFront Pocket Elk, a fully-featured CRM system for the Microsoft Pocket PC platform based devices, and Industry Add-ins and Solution Add-ins for specific business management needs.</p>
<p>StayinFront offers a rapidly configured and implemented solution to manage and integrate all points of customer interaction including sales, marketing, customer support applications and the Web.</p>
<p>Headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, StayinFront has offices in Illinois, Maine, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. The company can be contacted via the Web at</p>
<p>For further information please contact:
Dennis Quinn Cummins 03 9765 3222
John Whitty StayinFront 02 9900 1126
Shuna Boyd BoydPR 02 9418 8100</p>

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