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Serena Announces Serena RTM 5.0 Requirements Management Solution

  • 04 August, 2004 14:32

<p>SERENA Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: SRNA), the largest company solely focused on managing change throughout the application lifecycle, today announced that Serena® RTM 5.0 became generally available to customers on Friday, July 30th. Serena acquired the elegant, high-powered requirements management solution from Integrated Chipware in June 2004.</p>
<p>Serena RTM 5.0 will provide customers with industry-leading technology for requirements engineering and design traceability to help align IT with corporate business objectives and ensure improved software quality.</p>
<p>Serena’s delivery of RTM 5.0 represents a key step in the advancement of the Serena Application Framework for Enterprises (SAFE™), the company’s strategic vision for driving IT efficiency by enabling process-to-process integration across the application lifecycle. Requirements management is a critical component in providing an integrated, end-to-end application lifecycle management solution; and Serena RTM 5.0 delivers the flexibility, scalability and ease of use necessary to address a broad range of enterprise projects.</p>
<p>“Defining the business requirements for any software project is the first stage of development and the foundation on which software quality is based. Capturing these requirements accurately is essential to the overall success of a project,” said Mark Woodward, president and CEO of SERENA Software, Inc. “RTM 5.0 adds a crucial component to our SAFE strategy by enabling process-to-process integration across the application lifecycle – from concept to delivery. This not only streamlines development activities, but also increases collaboration and overall productivity while lowering costs and time-to-market. Many of our customers have expressed interest in RTM and view it as a definite value add to our application lifecycle management product portfolio.”</p>
<p>In today’s enterprises, requirements can come from anywhere: customer and end-user requirements from the field, object-oriented design models from development, test procedures from QA, defects from customer service, and change requests from all of the above. Tracking these requirements through different departments and geographic locations, and understanding the impact on cost, schedule, and time-to-market can dramatically impact the success of a project. In order to work effectively and provide the highest level of value, a requirements and traceability solution must provide several key capabilities:</p>
<p> A data/information repository that is Internet-enabled and capable of unlimited scalability, global support and geographic dispersion</p>
<p> Support for data formats that an enterprise might use now or in the future, including: text, tables, graphics, documents, spreadsheets, diagrams, drawings, source code, web pages, UML, test methods, audio, and video</p>
<p> Non-proprietary technology that will work within any IT environment</p>
<p>Serena RTM 5.0 provides all of the capabilities listed above and will enable new and existing Serena customers to not only capture and manage business requirements, but also to control the associated change and quality assurance processes across the entire enterprise. In addition, Serena RTM 5.0 will provide support for named and concurrent licenses allowing customers to offer defined users continuous access or have several users share a single license. This will provide additional flexibility, efficiency and cost-savings for enterprises. Key features of Serena RTM 5.0 include:</p>
<p> On-line ability to collaborate, in real-time with live data while keeping a history of that collaboration</p>
<p> A true data repository that provides full traceability throughout the lifecycle; with no ‘limitations’ or special proprietary scripting languages</p>
<p> User interfaces, Word and Web, that are industry standards and commonly used in enterprises</p>
<p> The hybrid capability of viewing requirements data in both document form and object form</p>
<p> True baselining and versioning capability with a full history of all changes</p>
<p> User designed forms to capture and manage any engineering information such as defects, enhancement requests and change requests</p>
<p> Advisor for requirements correctness</p>
<p>“Requirements management is essential to developing quality software in a cost-effective and timely manner,” said Melinda Carol-Ballou, senior research analyst at META Group, a leading provider of IT research, advisory services and strategic consulting. “Traditional change management vendors are making requirements management a core component of their comprehensive application lifecycle management offering to meet the changing needs of enterprise customers.”</p>
Serena RTM 5.0 is available immediately.</p>
<p>About Serena
SERENA Software, Inc. is the world’s largest company solely focused on managing change throughout the application lifecycle. For more than two decades, Serena has enabled companies to automate change to the applications that run their businesses. Serena’s Application Framework for Enterprises (SAFE™) is the unique next-generation framework for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), providing cross-platform, cross-process and cross-organizational support across application lifecycle processes, regardless of platform. The SAFE approach helps streamline development, improve productivity and lower development costs, resulting in a highly efficient enterprise. Serena has more than 15,000 customer sites worldwide, including 49 of the Fortune 50. Serena is headquartered in San Mateo, California and has offices in more than 20 countries. For more information, please visit</p>
<p>For further information please contact:
David Balazsy Serena 03 9522 4404
Shuna Boyd BoydPR 03 9418 8100</p>

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