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BMC SoftwareÒ to Deliver New Solutions that Create Industry's Most Holistic View of Change and Configuration Management

  • 10 August, 2004 16:11

<p>HOUSTON - August 10, 2004 - BMC Software, Inc. [NYSE: BMC] today revealed plans to bring together a broad range of change and configuration management (CCM) solutions designed to help customers accelerate implementation of the company's Business Service Management (BSM) solutions. CCM allows customers to close the gap between the dynamic needs of the business and the fragile realities of the typical IT environment. At the core of the offerings are new automated IT discovery solutions that identify all components of the IT environment, their relationships to each other, and the critical business services they support.</p>
<p>Holistic View of Change and Configuration Management Accelerates BSM</p>
<p>Using BMC Software's comprehensive CCM solution, companies can more quickly and easily identify the IT environment related to critical business services, respond to changing business and IT requirements, and control all business critical configurations in the IT environment. The company's unified change and configuration solutions strategy includes Business-aware discovery and detection; Process-based change management; Policy-based configuration automation; and an Open-architecture Configuration Management Database (CMDB).</p>
<p>1. Business-aware discovery and detection - To identify all aspects of the business-critical IT environment, the new BMC IT Discovery Suite, which will be rolled out later this summer, includes three solutions: Discovery Express, which enables customers to identify what components make up their IT environment; Configuration Discovery, which defines how those assets are configured; and Topology Discovery, which shows how systems are connected and applications are related. All three solutions populate an object-oriented, standards-based common CMDB.</p>
<p>2. Process-based change management - To better respond to dynamic business requirements, BMC Software's process-based change management solutions including the Remedy Change Management product, facilitate the workflow of the change lifecycle from request and planning through implementation and verification.</p>
<p>3. Policy-based configuration automation - To better control the state of the IT environment, BMC Software will deliver its customers a broad range of policy-based configuration management solutions as part of the planned BMC Software acquisition of Marimba, a leading provider of configuration management solutions. These solutions will help identify and manage the environment through continuous enforcement of desired system state. Marimba's product suite includes patch management, server management, and software distribution for active client and server management.</p>
<p>4. Open-architecture Configuration Management Database (CMDB). To synchronize the process activities and data for each of the three areas, BMC Software will utilize the CMDB to provide bi-directional linkage between these three CCM solution areas and the IT/business alignment model created by BMC Software's Service Impact Manager. This approach, which provides one common view of the IT infrastructure, increases the reliability and speed of managing business and technology changes; reduces the frequency and business impact of IT system failures; and increases control and security of the IT environment.</p>
<p>"With today's announcement, BMC Software is the first to offer a holistic, orchestrated change and configuration management solution that tightly integrates change and configuration management processes and activities," said Dan Barnea, senior vice president of Research and Development, BMC Software. "This solution will span all layers of the IT service environment including: operating systems, mainframes, servers, databases, applications, clients and networks as well as people and their roles and responsibilities."</p>
<p>"The focus of our change management team is to ensure that changes made to our production environments are effectively managed leveraging ITIL best practices to ensure that Business Service disruptions resulting from changes are minimized or eliminated," said Peter Pace, Manager, Change Management for United Airlines. "Remedy's change management solution is an effective tool for managing the lifecycle of changes in our e-commerce space. With it, we now have a central repository for our changes and therefore can generate effective management reports that help us focus on the critical changes. In addition, we have leveraged this information to provide the details necessary to effectively facilitate our Change Advisory Board meetings."</p>
<p>Increasingly, when companies conduct analysis on a broad range of IT failures, the root cause is frequently determined to be unmanaged IT changes and configurations. Gartner Analyst, Kris Brittain recently reported that, "based on client feedback, Gartner estimates that 40 percent of unplanned application downtime is caused by application failures - "bugs," performance issues or changes that cause problems); 40 percent by operator errors (for example, performing a task incorrectly or not performing an operations task at all); and only 20 percent by hardware (for example, server and network), environmental factors (for example, heating, cooling and power failures) and disasters. Thus, 80 percent of unplanned downtime can be mitigated by the AD and operations teams working together to improve IT processes, execute pre-deployment testing and complete operations training." (1)</p>
<p>In addition, Forrester Research states that nearly 20 percent of business-critical application downtime is caused by scheduled changes that don't take into consideration the dependencies between IT components and critical business services. (2)</p>
<p>"Infrastructure change management may provide an entry point into other management processes in the enterprise," according to Jean-Pierre Garbani, Vice President and Research Director at Forrester Research. "Companies Forrester has interviewed strongly emphasized their need to regain control of their infrastructures by understanding applications and business process dependencies. Successful infrastructure change management gives firms visibility into IT service delivery - the foundation of BSM." (3)</p>
<p>"One of the biggest challenges customers face is having to respond quickly and effectively to the routine of rapid change in their business environment," said Tom Reinsel, CEO of Pepperweed Consulting, a Remedy Alliance Partner. "With the BMC and Remedy technology, customers will have a change and configuration management solution that enables them to assess the impact and risk of change holistically and proactively, and ensure that corresponding changes made to production environments are effectively managed."</p>
<p>The Challenges of Change Management</p>
<p>BMC Software's expanded CCM solution will provide customers with a sliding scale of automated tools that address the challenges many customers currently view as a hurdle in being able to more quickly and easily respond to changing business requirements. These challenges include:</p>
<p>A lack of standardized processes and change implementation best practices across locations and various layers of the infrastructure
A lack of centralized and standardized configuration management practices that continually detect and enforce a desired state in the IT environment
Manually executed client and server software upgrades and security patches that frequently fall outside the change and release process</p>
<p>About BMC Software
BMC Software, Inc. [NYSE:BMC], is a leading provider of enterprise management solutions that empower companies to manage IT from a business perspective. Delivering Business Service Management, BMC Software solutions span enterprise systems, applications, databases and service management. Founded in 1980, BMC Software has offices worldwide and fiscal 2004 revenues of more than $1.4 billion. For more information about BMC Software, visit</p>
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<p>1 Gartner, "Operational Change Management: The Long and Winding Road", Presentation, Kris Brittain, December 2003
2 Forrester Research, Inc., "Best Practices for Infrastructure Change Management", Jean-Pierre Garbani, March 2004
3 Forrester Research, Inc., "Best Practices for Infrastructure Change Management", Jean-Pierre Garbani, March 2004</p>
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