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Acterna Expands the HST-3000 Handheld Services Test Platform

  • 10 December, 2003 13:22

<p>Acterna Expands the HST-3000 Handheld Services Test Platform
- Offers 'All-in-One' Testing Capabilities that Address Worldwide Growth in DSL
- Additional Applications Further Enable Deployment of VoIP, 'Low-Speed' Circuits and Services Technologies Worldwide</p>
<p>Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia: December 10, 2003 -- Acterna today announced that customers challenged by installing, provisioning, and troubleshooting xDSL in every region of the world now have a complete set of copper, DSL, and service testing features combined in a single, scalable hand-held instrument, the Acterna HST-3000. The company also released new DS3, ISDN BRI/PRI, low-speed (DDS), and expanded VoIP test features, including SIP and other vendor-specific signaling formats for HST-3000 users.</p>
<p>Designed to meet the depth and breadth of test applications required by residential and business services technicians, the HST-3000 is ideally suited for field use with powerful automation features that improve work force efficiency.</p>
<p>"With the HST-3000, Acterna provides premium test capability in the most integrated, rugged and cost-effective solution for the full breadth and depth of test applications required by technicians," said Jerry Gentile, general manager for Acterna's Telecommunications Field Services unit (TFS). "For global markets, it sets a new standard for broadband xDSL service turn-up and line qualification. For North American markets, it covers the full scope of test applications derived from Acterna's industry standard T-BERD® and TPI branded products, including full copper qualification, xDSL, T1/HDSL, DS1 and DS3. It is also highly field-configurable to meet the diverse needs of carriers worldwide."</p>
<p>New International Features
With continued worldwide growth in DSL deployment, the HST-3000 rises to the challenge with the addition of new DSL and copper test features such as ADSL over ISDN (ATU-C and ATU-R) as well as ADSL over POTS (ATU-C) modem emulation capabilities. These enhancements expand the reach of the product in addressing different worldwide standards. Moving beyond connection speed testing, the HST-3000 now tests for service connections with options such as an on-board web browser, allowing display of web sites, and FTP throughput test, measuring download and upload speeds from the customer's point-of-view.</p>
<p>In addition, the HST-3000 has expanded its complete set of copper test features to include support for international circuit terminations and noise filter requirements as well as adding a spectral noise analysis option.</p>
<p>The HST-3000 has also added user-selectable multi-language support including German, French, Spanish, and Italian with more languages to be added in 2004. Additionally, the HST is now CE-Mark certified for all mainframe, DSL, and copper configurations shipping to regions with this requirement.</p>
<p>New Business Services ('SSI&amp;M') Features
Though T1 and HDSL often constitute the majority of day-to-day workload, these workgroups typically support a myriad of additional circuit and service technologies. With that in mind, the HST-3000 now offers broader support for these requirements as a true 'all-in-one' portable solution that scales to meet varying requirements across the organization. The new features expand the range of capabilities to include DS3 testing, DDS 4-wire local loop and T1 (DS0) DDS testing, ISDN basic rate and primary rate testing, and PCM signaling and TIMS (VF) testing for T1 digital voice trunks.</p>
<p>The HST-3000 is field-upgradeable to support all new features through plug-in modules and software upgrades -- and with far less modules to carry than competitive products. Acterna customers can purchase according to their test needs today and easily upgrade later -- in the field -- as new requirements emerge.</p>
<p>New VoIP Features
As the first hand-held field test tool for basic turn-up and troubleshooting of VoIP deployment, the HST already supports physical layer analysis through packet metrics, signaling analysis and voice quality determination. The HST-3000 has expanded its signaling support to include Cisco Systems ("Skinny") Protocol and SIP. Several Acterna customers deploying IP Centrex-based VoIP service have already embraced this solution and the scope of protocols and functionality supported will continue to grow.</p>
<p>About the Acterna HST-3000
In one rugged, modular handheld, the Acterna HST-3000 offers more testing power than any other handheld tester on the market. The HST was created to improve efficiency and lower the costs of installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting business and residential services and networks. The HST-3000 combines copper, voice and data service testing features with unparalleled process automation capabilities in a lightweight, battery-operated unit. The Acterna HST-3000 VoIP Tester was named Product of the Year for 2002 by INTERNET TELEPHONY® magazine.</p>
<p>About Acterna
Acterna is the world's largest provider of communications test solutions for telecommunications and cable network operators. A trusted communications test partner for more than eight decades, Acterna offers an unmatched portfolio of award-winning instruments, systems, software and services that help its customers reduce network costs while improving performance and reliability. Headquartered in Germantown, Maryland, USA -- with European and Asia-Pacific operations based in Eningen, Germany and Hong Kong -- Acterna serves nearly every major communications service provider and equipment manufacturer around the world through a skilled sales and support organization in 31 countries.</p>
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<p>Media contacts:
Nick Rowan, Acterna, +1 240-404-1924, (mobile) +1 202-285-1826,
Michelle Susay, Acterna, +61 4 07 817 262,</p>

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