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SnapGear & The Planet Launch SAFESM - Secure Architecture For Enterprises

  • 06 August, 2003 16:55

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<p>Deal with SnapGear Moves Industry Beyond Firewall</p>
<p>DALLAS - July 29, 2003 - The Planet Internet Services, Inc., a global provider of managed hosting and value-added data center services, today announced the launch of Secure Architecture For Enterprises, or SAFE, a program that pushes the security envelope beyond the firewall by incorporating leading companies within the Internet security industry.</p>
<p>Using security technology from Salt Lake City-based SnapGear, The Planet's new offering ensures customers a business information technology environment that is on the leading edge of today's industry standards for Internet security solutions.</p>
<p>The Planet will bundle SnapGear's product line with its managed hosting offerings. With the implementation of SAFE, The Planet becomes one of the first companies in the managed hosting industry to offer a full complement of security services.</p>
<p>Craig Rodenberg, director of Information Security for The Planet, said SAFE is a cutting-edge program tailored to meet the needs of customers. "When you consider security solutions, one size does not fit all," Rodenberg said. "We pay close attention to the unique security requirements of each customer and then address their security needs with our comprehensive security solutions." Rodenberg added that customer security environments vary greatly, depending on compliance requirements, e-commerce activities and risks associated with specific lines of business.</p>
<p>Rick Stevenson, chief executive officer of SnapGear, said technology innovation has allowed SnapGear to offer The Planet a robust suite of products at an affordable price. "The Planet's customer base is the clear winner here," Stevenson said. "Now enterprises can economically move beyond the firewall by working with The Planet to implement one of the most comprehensive security programs offered by a managed hosting company."</p>
<p>SAFE offers a stateful firewall whereby incoming and outgoing packets of information are tracked and are filtered according to the customer's specifications. The SAFE program also offers intrusion detection, monitoring and response. SAFE will not only deny intruders from probing protected ports, but will actively manage them by refusing to allow any further traffic from attackers' addresses for a given period of time. Any attempted intrusion will alert The Planet's security monitoring team and initiate an active incident response, as necessary, by The Planet's security engineers.</p>
<p>Additional SAFE programs include the ability to log events. These events might range from failed intrusion attempts to details of every transaction going through the firewall for later analysis. SAFE allows for remote logging that enables an appliance to move its logging off one particular server and onto a designated secure server. This makes it easier to review all log activity across a network and harder for intruders to conceal their tracks.</p>
<p>All SAFE programs support Virtual Private Network Tunnels, a secure method of transmitting private data over public networks. Customers also have the ability to customize their SAFE program to meet business needs. For more information, visit:</p>
<p>About SnapGear, Inc.</p>
<p>SnapGear, Inc. produces SnapGear VPN Firewall Appliances designed to provide Internet security and privacy of communications for business use. SnapGear also does complete custom engineering and provides turnkey development, design, manufacturing, and fulfillment services for a variety of customers around the globe. For more information on SnapGear products and services please visit</p>
<p>About The Planet Internet Services, Inc.</p>
<p>The Planet Internet Services, Inc., a leading provider of managed hosting and value-added data center services, is focused on providing facilities based IT outsourcing solutions. The Company serves more than 1,500 customers and offers a full suite of managed hosting, co-location, and bandwidth options. The Planet's value-added services include database administration, managed data storage, security products, virtual private networks and backup services. Co-location services are available for those customers desiring to utilize their own Web servers and to rely on the Company's advanced, fault-tolerant facilities and network infrastructure. For further information visit</p>
<p>SAFESM is a service mark of The Planet Internet Services, Inc. "SnapGear" is a trademark of SnapGear Inc. All other products, services, companies and publications are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.</p>
<p>The Planet Contact:
Terry Pathos
<p>SnapGear Contact:
Craig Oda
Page One PR for SnapGear
+1 650.473.0600 x.102</p>

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