Just the Facts

Just the Facts

Hot technologies create a buzz, but talk is cheap and IT isn't. In this issue of CIO we serve up a hard dose of reality with "Five Uneasy Pieces" (page 14), a critical look at co-opetition, ERP software, secure electronic commerce, IT/business alignment and push technology. Typically, these technologies and trends are portrayed as cure-alls. Your CEO reads about them in an airline magazine and the next thing you know, there's a copy of the article in your inbox with "let's do this" (underline, underline, exclamation point, exclamation point) on a post-it note. So what do you do? Take a deep breath and start reading the pros and cons. Clearly, all of these trends could provide benefits and competitive advantage in most organisations.

The key is to separate the wheat from the chaff - and use what's right for your environment. Collect the facts. Talk to your peers. Examine trends and new technologies, and determine if they fit your corporate culture. The one thing a hot technology generates is change - and not every organisation can take the heat.

"Five Uneasy Pieces" offers a starting point, with a look at the promises and pitfalls of these five technologies. After reading it, you can route a copy of the article to your CEO with "let's talk about this" (underline, underline, exclamation point, exclamation point) on a post-it note.

On a personal note, this is the last time I'll be putting fingers to keyboard for CIO 1997 (don't I wish). It's been a big year for CIO: a name change, making the break from ComputerWorld, and winning five Bell Awards from the Australian Business Publishers Association.

But for me the biggest win was getting the go-ahead for CIO's inaugural perspectives conference for information executives.

Titled "CIO Informat '98", the conference is modelled on the prestigious "CIO Perspectives" conference in the US. A sample of the speakers include Joe Levy, the founder and president of CIO Communications (US); John Cross, the head of IT for BP Group PLC (UK); Carl Pistorius, director -Institute for Technological Innovation, University of Pretoria (SA); Des Lee, partner - The Information Group (UK); and Catherine DeVrye, director - CDV Management.

It will be held in Sydney March 8Ð10 next year. Invites are in the mail now. If you can't wait, or need more information call 1800 248 811 or visit the Web site at

See you there.

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