CIO Top Ten

CIO Top Ten

Well, the first CIO Informat conference is over, with more than 150 top executives in attendance. They were treated to a wide variety of presentations.

Some of them clicked (Des Lee, Bruce Nelson, Carl Pistorius, Michael Ward and Steve Wanless were notable), and some didn't. (You didn't expect me to be an ungracious host and name them, did you?) It was interesting, educational, entertaining and provocative. And perhaps the best way of summing it up is to repeat the Top Ten Quotes of the Conference that moderator Don Kennedy listed in the closing address.

If you weren't there, some of these might be cryptic. If you were there, you'll probably recall their context precisely. So, with apologies to David Letterman, may I present the Top Ten Quotes of the 1998 CIO Informat.

Number 10

"Accountants are good at calculating the cost of acting. They're not so good at calculating the cost of not acting." Carl Pistorius.

Number 9

"We've had some situations where technology hasn't quite caught up with us." Mike Lurie.

Number 8

"People keep looking at the Web as a combination of publishing and television. They're wrong. It's a combination of publishing and radio." Michael Ward.

Number 7

"When quality management came along, it didn't replace the idea that things should be crap." Ross Mackie.

Number 6

"Managing 1024 chickens is not the way to guarantee stability." Steve Wanless.

Number 5

"I was managing 50 Andersen consultants. Can you imagine that? It was like a box of frogs when you take the lid off." Des Lee.

Number 4

"I think this Year 2000 business is being overdone just to keep the media and research companies busy." John Loebenstein.

Number 3

"I'd be dumb if I didn't say the Internet might help us, but I'll be buggered if I know how." Leon Daphne.

Number 2

"Managing change is like working on the wiring with the electricity on." Joe Levy.

Number 1

"Our CEO-CIO relationship is pretty good. He does exactly what I want him to." Leon Daphne.

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