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Five Disruptive Trends in Master Data Management
By Initiate | 1/9/2009
Five significant trends have emerged that are driving the demand for even more capabilities from MDM technologies causing disruption in the market and potentially creating game-changing opportunities for companies deploying MDM solutions. Read on.
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Data Profiling, Data Integration and Data Quality: The Pillars of Master Data Management
By Initiate | 1/9/2009
During conversations and interviews with both vendors and their customers, recurring themes led to conclusions about the evolution of successful master data management initiatives. Read the full research report now.
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Data Governance Research Report: From Policy to Practice
By Initiate | 1/9/2009
The processes explored in this report simplify the approach to evaluate business impacts associated with poor data quality and explain how one can define metrics that capture data quality expectations and acceptability thresholds. Read the full report now.
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Technology Requirements for a Successful Master Data Exchange
By Initiate | 1/6/2009
A master data exchange provides a mechanism for delivering substantial business value to ecosystems of organisations interested in sharing selected information for mutual benefit. Want to learn how? Read this white paper.
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How to Pick the Best Master Data Management Solution for Your Organisation
By Initiate | 1/6/2009
Picking a master data management (MDM) solution that’s right for your organisation can be a daunting task. This paper will educate you on several key aspects of MDM technology so you can gain the knowledge and confidence you need to make an informed choice.
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