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    Twitter patches vulnerability that could have impacted advertising accounts

    18 September, 2014 01:07
    The security flaw was reported through the company's new bug bounty program and researcher was rewarded with $2,800
    Twitter's recently announced bug bounty program has helped the company identify and patch a serious vulnerability that could have potentially disrupted advertising on its platform.
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    Cisco acquires OpenStack cloud provider

    17 September, 2014 23:47
    Privately held Metacloud provides OpenStack-as-a-service for global enterprises.
    Cisco this week said it will acquire privately held Metacloud, an operator of private OpenStack clouds for global enterprises.
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    Cisco buys private cloud provider Metacloud

    17 September, 2014 23:46
    The company hopes to attract enterprises and operators with Metacloud's OpenStack-based technology
    Cisco Systems plans to acquire privately held Metacloud, which specializes in private clouds based on the OpenStack-based open-source cloud computing platform.
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    Federal IT Leaders Seek Support From Developers for EHR Adoption

    17 September, 2014 23:15
    The federal government is looking to build a development community around the Blue Button electronic health record system.
    The White House is appealing to developers to join the open source community working to expand adoption of interoperable digital health records through its Blue Button initiative.
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    Why Your Company Needs Both a CIO and a CISO

    17 September, 2014 23:14
    Information security isn't a luxury these days. It's a necessity
    It's past time for all major companies – certainly in the Fortune 500, but the advice carries on down into even medium-sized organizations – to carve out a C-level role focusing solely on security.
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    VMware gives desktop admins more control with Mirage update

    17 September, 2014 22:57
    A new feature in Mirage 5.1 lets adminstrators control bandwidth use at branch offices
    VMware has upgraded desktop management tool Mirage with bandwidth control features and also published APIs to allow sharing of the data it collects.
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    Open document formats campaign backed by EU's digital commissioner

    17 September, 2014 21:56
    Kroes' successors however were not among the backers
    European government agencies should adopt open document formats in their dealings with citizens, outgoing European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes has urged.
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    Adobe releases previously delayed security updates for Reader and Acrobat

    17 September, 2014 21:33
    The updates fix eight vulnerabilities, including some that could be exploited to infect computers with malware
    After a one-week delay, Adobe Systems has released security updates for its Reader and Acrobat products to patch critical vulnerabilities that could lead to computers being compromised.
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    Sony slashes value of its mobile business, projects larger loss for fiscal year

    17 September, 2014 21:27
    Sony has suspended dividends payments for the first time since 1958
    Sony says its mobile brand is now worth a lot less than before.
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    The security function needs SMART metrics

    17 September, 2014 21:07
    Our manager has learned to love metrics and finds them useful as the new security operations center gets off the ground.
    I've become a <a href="">big fan of metrics</a>. I wasn't always, but throughout my career in information security, I've had bosses who have challenged me on metrics, and I have honed my skills so that now I feel the metrics I collect meet the "SMART" test: specific, meaningful, actionable, repeatable and time-dependent.
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    Yelp settles US FTC charges of violating child privacy

    17 September, 2014 17:06
    The company's in-app registration did not have a functional age-screen, FTC said
    Yelp has agreed to pay US$450,000 to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to settle charges that the company accepted registrations to its services from children under 13 through its apps.
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    Apple turns on iCloud two-step verification after nude selfie scandal

    17 September, 2014 15:11
    Two-step verification is not mandatory though Apple recommends it
    Apple on Tuesday began offering an additional security protection for iCloud account users, a move the company made following the theft of nude photos from several celebrities' accounts last month.
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    Use of forced labor 'systemic' in Malaysian IT manufacturing

    17 September, 2014 14:02
    Almost every brand-name company sourcing from the country is impacted by the practice, said a new report
    The use of forced labor is so prevalent in the Malaysian electronics manufacturing industry that there is hardly a major brand name that isn't touched by the illegal practice, according to a report to be published Wednesday.
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    ZTE brings affordable 5.7-inch phablet to T-Mobile

    17 September, 2014 12:42
    The ZMAX phablet will be avaliable on Sept. 24
    Chinese smartphone maker ZTE is hoping to drum up smartphone sales in the U.S., with a new 5.7-inch phablet that'll be available exclusively on T-Mobile from Sept. 24.
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    NBN Co completes penultimate satellite station

    17 September, 2014 12:10
    Each of the 10 ground stations will transmit NBN services at 10Gb/s
    NBN Co has completed construction of its ninth satellite ground station at Waroona in Western Australia as it builds out infrastructure to provide residents in remote and regional areas with high speed broadband services.
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    No old iPhone is left behind in this Shenzhen market

    17 September, 2014 11:56
    Dealers in Shenzhen are making a business re-selling and refurbishing old iPhones
    Some iPhones never die: they go to a four-story electronics mall in Shenzen, where stacks of them are sold every day.
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    NAB Traveller card can be loaded with 10 currencies simultaneously

    17 September, 2014 10:58
    Customers can load up to 10 foreign currencies onto the card using Internet or mobile banking
    National Australia Bank (NAB) has upgraded its Traveller card so that customers can load up to 10 currencies at one time onto the card using Internet/mobile banking while they are in Australia or overseas.
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    Hackers accessed Goodwill hosting provider for 18 months before card breach

    17 September, 2014 10:23
    C&K Systems, which provided payment technology to Goodwill, said two other unnamed businesses were also affected
    Hackers evaded security systems for a year-and-a-half at a hosting center that processed payment cards for Goodwill Industries, using the same type of malware that struck Target and other major retailers to steal card data, according to the charity's software vendor.
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    In pictures: CIO roundtable - Improving your digital intelligence

    17 September, 2014 09:54
    CIOs gathered at Sydney's O Bar and Dining to discuss how they deal with the business disruption created by a new global digital economy.
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    Startup develops optical zoom lens for smartphones

    17 September, 2014 09:19
    The company has already had interest from Apple, Samsung, Sony and others
    A Silicon Valley startup is developing an optical zoom lens unit that's thin enough to slip inside of a smartphone and won't protrude when used.