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    The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, February 27

    27 February, 2015 23:25
    FCC votes in new U.S. net neutrality rules ... IBM pumping $4 billion into cloud ... Superfish-style attacks seen ... and more tech news
    FCC votes in new U.S. net neutrality rules
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    Ericsson seeks to block sales of Apple products in US, stepping up patent dispute

    27 February, 2015 23:23
    In a barrage of nine lawsuits filed Thursday, Ericsson alleges that Apple's iPhone and iPad infringe a total of 41 of its patents
    Some Apple products may be banned from sale in the U.S. if Ericsson gets its way after filing a barrage of patent lawsuits.
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    Foxconn expects robots to take over more factory work

    27 February, 2015 21:56
    In three years, Foxconn will probably use automation to complete 70 percent of its assembly line work
    The electronics industry may still be reliant on human workers to assemble products, but Apple supplier Foxconn Technology Group is hopeful that robots will take over more of the workload soon.
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    Fresh from $532.9M win, Smartflash sues Apple again

    27 February, 2015 18:29
    The patent company's focus in the second lawsuit is on Apple's newer products like the iPhone 6
    Shortly after a jury in Texas awarded it US$532.9 million in damages in a patent dispute with Apple, patent company Smartflash has sued the iPhone maker again, this time to focus on newer Apple products.
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    RMIT drone can think like an airline pilot

    27 February, 2015 16:25
    Drone equipped with technology that allows it to communicate with an air traffic controller
    Researchers at RMIT University have developed a drone equipped with technology that allows it to communicate with an air traffic controller if it loses connection with a remote pilot on the ground.
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    D-Link remote access vulnerabilities remain unpatched

    27 February, 2015 14:39
    The worst one could allow a remote attacker to change DNS settings
    D-Link routers have several unpatched vulnerabilities, the worst of which could allow an attacker to gain total control over a device, according to a systems engineer in Canada.
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    Cochlear refines digital roadmap

    27 February, 2015 13:56
    More than 2,700 global staff to benefit from enterprise content management system – with investments in digital technology
    Australian hearing implant company, Cochlear, is refining its digital roadmap with investments in enterprise content management (ECM) system across core lines of business.
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    Hackers exploit router flaws in unusual pharming attack

    27 February, 2015 13:09
    The attack changes the DNS settings of a router using default login credentials, Proofpoint said
    An email-based attack spotted in Brazil recently employed an unusual but potent technique to spy on a victim's Web traffic.
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    Gosford City Council abandons dark fibre plans

    27 February, 2015 12:08
    Council also expected to revoke its telecommunications carrier licence
    Gosford City Council has abandoned plans to provide high speed broadband services – using a dark fibre network strung along electrical power poles – to businesses and individuals across the city.
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    'Ride-share' and 'unboxing' added to Oxford dictionary

    27 February, 2015 11:49
    The terms came in the dictionary's latest quarterly update
    Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft looking to promote the "sharing" aspect of their service have scored a victory of sorts.
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    For Attensity's BI parsing tool, emoticons are no problem

    27 February, 2015 11:49
    Java-based product can be integrated into existing enterprise systems
    For enterprises seeking to monitor the conversations going on about them in the world, the sheer volume of data is just the beginning of the challenge. Even more daunting is making sense of it all -- a task that can test the resources of the largest organization.
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    Twitter adds more reporting tools to curb abuse and improve safety

    27 February, 2015 10:33
    The company has made it easier to report impersonation, self-harm and leaked private information
    Twitter has added new reporting tools to help it fight abuse and protect users on its site.
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    IBM to pump $US4 billion into Cloud, mobile and analytics

    27 February, 2015 10:08
    With a $US4 billion investment, Big Blue aims to deliver $US40 billion in annual revenue by 2018
    IBM will dedicate $US4 billion in spending this year to the cloud, analytics and mobile technologies, as it struggles with seismic shifts that are changing the computing landscape it once dominated,
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    LTE can mooch off of Wi-Fi spectrum with new Qualcomm chipset

    27 February, 2015 10:01
    The company will demonstrate chipsets for using unlicensed frequencies on an LTE network
    A chipset Qualcomm is introducing at Mobile World Congress next week is likely to make mobile operators happy and some Wi-Fi fans nervous.
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    Republican bill would overturn FCC municipal broadband decision

    27 February, 2015 09:54
    The new legislation would prevent the agency from moving forward with its decision to preempt state laws restricting city broadband
    It didn't take long for congressional Republicans to attack the Federal Communications Commission's vote to strike down two state laws that prevent municipal broadband networks from expanding.
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    Grassley's position on H-1B called ‘protectionist'

    27 February, 2015 09:38
    Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) is leading an effort to make H-1B visas available to more workers.
    WASHINGTON - India and the tech industry view any type of restrictions on the H-1B visa as "protectionist" -- and so does Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).
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    Facebook improves tool for suicide prevention

    27 February, 2015 08:49
    Better support and information will be provided to users who might need help
    Facebook is adding new features to its site to provide better information and support to people at risk of suicide.
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    Google shares code to help server software digest HTTP/2

    27 February, 2015 08:40
    The software, called gRPC, is based on HTTP/2, an updated standard for transmitting Web pages and apps over the Internet
    Potentially offering a boost for web server software worldwide, Google has released as open source a framework for HTTP/2, the newly updated standard for transmitting Web pages and Web applications over the Internet.
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    UK researchers are building robotic pants

    27 February, 2015 07:24
    Researchers have been working on robotic prosthetics and exoskeletons to help people with disabilities. Now, scientists at the University of Bristol in the U.K. are working on robotic pants. Yes, pants.
    Researchers have been working on developing robotic prosthetics and exoskeletons to help people with disabilities. Now, scientists at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom are working on creating robotic pants.
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    How Google avoids downtime

    27 February, 2015 07:07
    Google executive explains how the company attempts to avoid downtime using an innovative method.
    Google offers lots of services and it has pretty good reliability. How does the company do it?
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