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    IEEE standards group wants to bring order to IoT

    20 September, 2014 06:17
    The IEEE P2413 would span Internet of Things technologies for all industries
    The IEEE is embarking on an ambitious effort to build a overarching architecture for the Internet of Things, spanning a multitude of industries and technologies.
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    InfiniDB going out of business, but its database will live on as open source

    20 September, 2014 06:11
    InfiniDB explored "all possible investment options" before calling it a day, CEO says
    Increasingly stiff competition in the database market has claimed another victim, as InfiniDB has ceased operations effective immediately with plans to file for bankruptcy.
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    FCC questions how to enforce net neutrality rules

    20 September, 2014 05:20
    Groups disagree on how the agency should apply any regulations it might pass
    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission needs to create explicit rules that tell broadband providers what traffic management techniques they can and cannot use if the agency has any hope of enforcing its proposed net neutrality rules, some advocates told the agency Friday.
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    5 Apps That Spotlight Valuable New iOS 8 Features

    20 September, 2014 04:33
    Apple's upgrade brings new features. Using iOS 8-ready apps is a good way to familiarize yourself with some of the software's enhancements.
    For Android folks, the idea of third-party keyboards is ancient news. If you're an iOS loyalist, especially one who's tired of Apple's not-so-helpful autocorrect feature, the arrival of keyboard choices in iOS 8 feels worthy of a ticker tape parade.
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    Alibaba shares open at a high $92.70

    20 September, 2014 03:42
    Shares were trading a tad lower around $90 later in the afternoon
    In their first day of trading, shares of Alibaba stock opened at US$92.70 on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, an increase of more than 35 percent over the $68 initial public offering price.
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    New organization sets out to make secure communication tools more user-friendly

    20 September, 2014 03:32
    Simply Secure will identify usability problems in open-source privacy tools and will work with developers to address them
    Google, Dropbox and the Open Technology Fund are supporting a new organization focused on making open-source security and privacy tools more user-friendly.
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    Tim Cook launches iPhone 6 sales in Palo Alto

    20 September, 2014 03:05
    The CEO met customers and posed for selfies
    What's an even bigger deal for Apple fans than getting the iPhone 6 on launch day? Talking a selfie with Apple CEO Tim Cook.
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    HP leapfrogs Red Hat to become top contributor to OpenStack

    20 September, 2014 02:44
    There's a new top dog in terms of contributions to OpenStack.
    OpenStack has a new top contributor: HP.
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    Health IT Backers Press Congress for Clearer Roadmaps

    20 September, 2014 02:35
    Supporters of health tech initiatives converged on Capitol Hill this week
    Dozens of health IT advocates from around the country made the rounds on Capitol Hill this week, meeting with lawmakers and staffers to press for an array of policies to advance e-health initiatives.
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    Screen size matters to Apple fans in line for the iPhone 6

    20 September, 2014 01:04
    Apple fans expressed a preference for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus over the 4.7-inch iPhone 6
    Apple fans were out early in full force in Boston and New York Friday morning to buy the larger screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
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    Half-baked mergers

    20 September, 2014 00:43
    Many woes await companies that inadequately integrate after a merger.
    It can take years after a merger has been declared "complete" for the <a href="">IT processes and systems to be truly merged</a>. Over the years, we've all seen stories in the business press about this sort of thing, and yet it keeps happening, despite what can be dire consequences.
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    Ping Identity picks up $35 million more in venture funding

    20 September, 2014 00:36
    The funding will speed development of the next-generation of its identity and access management technology
    Ping Identity has picked up another $35 million in venture funding to speed development of the next-generation of its identity and access management technology and expand the company's presence in Europe and Asia-Pacific.
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    Apple's iOS 8 fixes enterprise Wi-Fi authentication hijacking issue

    20 September, 2014 00:35
    A weakness in Apple's Wi-Fi implementation could give hackers access to enterprise wireless networks, researchers said
    Apple's iOS 8 addresses a serious weakness that could allow attackers to hijack the wireless network authentication of Apple devices and gain access to enterprise networks.
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    Sony releases SmartEyeglass developer kit

    20 September, 2014 00:10
    Sales to developers are planned before April
    Sony has launched an SDK (software development kit) for its SmartEyeglass head-mounted display, another step toward challenging Google Glass.
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    Qualcomm hopes to attract developers with mobile TV and digital glasses SDKs

    20 September, 2014 00:09
    Developers can download the LTE Broadcast SDK and sign up for a beta test of the Vuforia SDK for Digital Eyewear
    Qualcomm has released SDKs (software development kits) for LTE broadcast and digital glasses at its Uplinq conference, hoping to give the two burgeoning areas a push.
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    IT Outsourcing Market Far From Stable

    19 September, 2014 23:37
    The demand for global IT and business process services remained steady in the second quarter of 2014, according to a recently released report from outsourcing consultancy Everest Group. A total of 416 outsourcing deals were signed during the period, almost unchanged from the 415 signed in the first quarter of this year.
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    iPhone 6 expected to fetch over $3,000 in China's grey market

    19 September, 2014 18:14
    Grey market dealers in Beijing expect unofficial shipments of the iPhone 6 to start arriving in China this weekend
    Would you pay US$4,000 for an iPhone 6?
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    New US Senate bill aims to limit access to emails stored abroad

    19 September, 2014 16:54
    The legislation follows Microsoft's refusal to turn in emails in Ireland to U.S. law enforcement
    Legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate on Thursday aims to place limits on access by U.S. law enforcement agencies to emails and other communications stored abroad.
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    Defence deploying $56M e-health system

    19 September, 2014 16:26
    25,000 ADF members currently have an individual health record
    The Australian Defence Force (ADF) in December plans to complete the rollout of a $56 million e-health information system, which will be used by 2,300 health practitioners and support staff across the country.
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    Malicious advertisements distributed by DoubleClick, Zedo networks

    19 September, 2014 16:25
    The advertisements redirect victims to the Nuclear exploit kit, which tries to install the Zemot malware
    Two online advertising networks, Google's DoubleClick and Zedo, have been delivering malicious advertisements that could install malware on a person's computer, according to the security vendor Malwarebytes.
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