AT&T launches wireless data and TV services on one bill

Wireless video to smartphones and tablets took another step on Monday with AT&T's announcement of a single nationwide package of pay TV and wireless services on a single bill.

Written by Matt Hamblen04 Aug. 15 01:52

Will Facebook envy wreck Twitter?

There's never been anything quite like Facebook. As a company, Facebook specializes in collecting, hoarding, keeping and engaging users. As a social network, it dominates the market with the largest user base. Facebook has a monopoly as the social network of choice for friends and families.

Written by Mike Elgan04 Aug. 15 01:48

Nokia reaches deal to sell Here business to Audi, BMW Group and Daimler

Nokia has reached an agreement to sell its Here mapping and location services business to an automotive industry consortium consisting of Audi, BMW Group and Daimler, in a deal that gives the business an enterprise value of €2.8 billion (US$3.1 billion).

Written by John Ribeiro03 Aug. 15 16:37

Simon Page new JB Hi-Fi CIO

JB Hi-Fi has snared former Australia Post executive, Simon Page, as its new CIO.

Written by Byron Connolly03 Aug. 15 16:36

DNS server attacks begin using BIND software flaw

Attackers have started exploiting a flaw in the most widely used software for the DNS (Domain Name System), which translates domain names into IP addresses.

Written by Jeremy Kirk03 Aug. 15 10:52

Too many tech fish in the c-suite: Embracing new roles that overlap with IT

Research shows relatively few CIOs are equipped for the demands of a digital world, leading to the introduction of roles like the CMO, CDO and CINO to better take advantage of digital trends. So how can CIOs continue to embrace the expansion of the c-suite into what has always been their domain?

Written by Bonnie Gardiner03 Aug. 15 10:35

NBN to pump $40M into industry training

NBN on Monday said it would spend $40 million to attract and train 4,500 industry workers to help hit its target of connecting 8 million homes to the network by 2020.

Written by Byron Connolly03 Aug. 15 09:53

Lawmakers propose new visa for foreign tech entrepreneurs

Two U.S. House Democrats are proposing a new visa for immigrants who can obtain "significant" venture capital funding for a business, or can otherwise establish a business that creates some jobs.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau01 Aug. 15 23:12

Microsoft bests Google in patent case appeal

A federal appeals court has handed Microsoft a win against Google in a long-running lawsuit over patent licensing that was originally filed against Motorola in 2010.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank01 Aug. 15 10:09

Facebook says Flash security woes could hurt its business

Earlier this month, a security vulnerability in Adobe Flash compelled Google and Mozilla to temporarily block the plug-in from their browsers. Now, Facebook says the problems with Flash could hurt its bottom line.

Written by Zach Miners01 Aug. 15 08:15

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