Toyota funds AI research to build autonomous cars

Toyota is partnering with Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to research artificial intelligence and robotics, work they say will lead to autonomous cars.

Written by Fred O'Connor04 Sept. 15 23:16

Dropbox's head of enterprise says collaboration will set it apart

Ross Piper, Dropbox's vice president of enterprise, will play a key role in his company's efforts to justify its most recent $10 billion valuation, even as it continues to compete in the consumer space as well.

Written by Katherine Noyes04 Sept. 15 21:47

Microsoft kills off some of Nokia's apps for Windows Phone

Microsoft announced Friday that it will be ceasing development on several apps Nokia developed for Windows Phone as the company streamlines the photo experience on Windows 10 Mobile.

Written by Blair Hanley Frank04 Sept. 15 21:43

NIST sets the stage for contactless fingerprint readers

While many are hoping that biometric technologies such as fingerprint readers will one day replace cumbersome passwords, the U.S. National Institute of Technology is looking even further out.

Written by Joab Jackson04 Sept. 15 20:36

MainOne's MDX-i taps Azure to offer cloud services in West Africa

MDX-i, a subsidiary of MainOne, West Africa’s largest data center is tapping Microsoft's Azure to launch a cloud-service to help it meet the computing infrastructure needs of companies deploying private, public or hybrid clouds from its Tier III Data Center in Lagos.

Written by Olusegun Abolaji Ogundeji04 Sept. 15 19:52

Microsoft, US face off again over emails stored in Ireland

A dispute between Microsoft and the U.S. government over turning over emails stored in a data center in Ireland comes up for oral arguments in an appeals court in New York on Wednesday.

Written by John Ribeiro04 Sept. 15 09:55

Even encrypted medical record databases leak information

A new study from Microsoft researchers warns that many types of databases used for electronic medical records are vulnerable to leaking information despite the use of encryption.

Written by Jeremy Kirk04 Sept. 15 05:07

Firefox coming to iOS this year, Mozilla says

Mozilla hopes to have its version of Firefox for iOS devices out by the end of the year as part of its push to grow its share of mobile traffic.

Written by Zach Miners04 Sept. 15 03:42

Amazon snaps up Elemental to boost video on AWS

Amazon will acquire Elemental Technologies in a bid to enrich the video capabilities of its AWS cloud service, the company announced Thursday.

Written by Katherine Noyes04 Sept. 15 02:08

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