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    Celebrity nude photos scandal a wake-up call for cloud users

    03 September, 2014 04:25
    An apparent hack of cloud storage sites that caused a slew of nude images of female celebrities to hit the Internet over the weekend should serve as a wake-up call for the public and for enterprises to be more cautious with the information they store on the cloud.
    An apparent hack of cloud storage sites that caused a slew of nude images of female celebrities to hit the Internet over the weekend should serve as a wake-up call for the public and for enterprises to be more cautious with the information they store on the cloud.
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    Hackers make drive-by download attacks stealthier with fileless infections

    03 September, 2014 04:17
    New attacks with the Angler exploit kit inject code directly in browser processes without leaving files on disk, a researcher found
    Cybercriminals are increasingly infecting computers with malware that resides only in memory in order to make their attacks harder to detect.
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    Compuware switches to private ownership

    03 September, 2014 03:38
    Thoma Bravo is purchasing the enterprise infrastructure software for $2.5 billion
    Freeing itself from the fetters of public-investor expectations, IT infrastructure company Compuware is becoming privately held, with equity investment firm Thoma Bravo purchasing the company outright for approximately US$2.5 billion.
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    A strategy for strategy: Figuring out how to figure out what IT should do next

    03 September, 2014 03:08
    Though nearly all modern enterprises are well managed, a sadly large proportion lack a real IT strategy. That equates to going nowhere with great efficiency.
    Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesnt matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle -- when the sun comes up, youd better be running.
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    Are your calls being intercepted? 17 fake cell towers discovered in one month

    03 September, 2014 02:25
    CryptoPhone users found 17 fake "cell towers" in a month, but don't know who deployed them or why. Most phones don't show any signs that they are a target of stingray surveillance, such as when users' calls are recorded, texts spoofed and location tracked. Although most of those interceptors trick a phone into connecting to 2G, Johnny Law is in a rush to upgrade "stingray" surveillance so it works over 4G LTE.
    You wouldn't likely know if you are under cell phone surveillance, but you would if you were about to make a call and your phone displayed an unencrypted connection warning that states, "Caution: The mobile network's standard encryption has been turned off, possibly by a rogue base station (IMSI Catcher'). Unencrypted calls not recommended."
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    NIST issues Best Practices on how to best use Secure Shell software

    03 September, 2014 02:23
    NIST's drafted recommendations warn sys admins of pitfalls in SSH use that give attackers the advantage.
    The Secure Shell (SSH) protocol and software suite is used by millions of system administrators to log into application and service accounts on remote servers using authentication methods that include passwords, tokens, digital certificates and public keys. But when improperly managed, SSH keys can be used by attackers to penetrate the organization's IT infrastructure.
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    Germany's IFA show, debut ground for numerous new products, hits 90 years old

    03 September, 2014 02:00
    From radios and Einstein through teletext, DVDs and MP3 to smartwatches, IFA has seen lots of new products
    When German radio manufacturers gathered in 1924 to show off their products, just a year after regular broadcasting began in the country, they probably didn't imagine they were sowing the seeds for what eventually would become IFA.
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    Amid dueling lawsuits, state needs Oracle's help with health-insurance site transition

    03 September, 2014 00:29
    Oregon may be facing an uphill battle to prove its case, according to one observer
    Oregon officials still need Oracle's cooperation to meet a looming deadline related to the state's troubled health-insurance exchange website, even as both sides have lodged lawsuits against one another.
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    First mobile device with MIPS 64-bit processor coming in 2016

    03 September, 2014 00:00
    The Warrior i6400 chip will support Android 64-bit operating systems starting with the L release
    Imagination Technologies hopes to catch up with ARM and Intel in the mobile space with its first MIPS 64-bit processor core design, which could be in tablets and smartphones by 2016.
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    Are You Prepared for Gen Z Tech Workers?

    02 September, 2014 23:57
    Think millennials are complicated? It doesn't get any easier with Gen Zers, who will enter the workforce en masse shortly
    Millennials and their quirky work habits get all the attention these days, but the younger Gen Z is turning out to be even more of a mystery.
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    Why Patient Portals Remain Healthcare's Enigma

    02 September, 2014 23:56
    In an era when consumers can do anything online, you'd think the patient portal would be a popular way to communicate with a doctor
    Healthcare's ongoing effort to fix patient engagement has been stymied by a widespread inability to improve patient portal adoption. In an era when consumers can do just about anything online, healthcare IT leaders are often at a loss to explain why so few patients – and physicians – embrace tools for online collaboration.
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    AMD's new eight-core FX chips based on aging Piledriver architecture

    02 September, 2014 22:34
    AMD aims new eight-core FX chips at PCs from under $1,000 to $1,500
    Advanced Micro Devices is targeting mid-range desktops with its latest high-end FX chips based on the Piledriver architecture.
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    Uber vows to defy German ban on its UberPop ride-sharing service

    02 September, 2014 20:54
    Uber can be fined up to €250,000 if it continues to operate its UberPop service in Germany, a court there has ruled
    Uber Technologies must stop operating its ride sharing service UberPop in Germany or pay a fine, a German court has ruled -- but the ban could be short lived, a court spokesman said Tuesday.
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    Sometimes you just don't want one step at a time

    02 September, 2014 20:04
    Pilot fish working for a healthcare system gets a call from a client who complains that the hospital group's website never works for him. But the reason isn't hard to figure out.
    Pilot fish working for a healthcare system gets a call from a client who complains that the hospital group's website never works for him.
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    In earthquakes, alerts may turn machines into action heroes

    02 September, 2014 18:51
    Earthquake early warning systems integrated into schools, offices and other buildings could save lives and give rise to a whole new industry.
    The UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory issued an alert about the recent earthquake in California's Napa Valley 10 seconds before it struck. That may not seem like much time -- unless you're a child of the 1950s and 1960s who was trained in school to duck and cover the second you saw a large bright nuclear flash.
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    Should you buy enterprise applications from a startup?

    02 September, 2014 17:34
    Get ready for radical changes in software purchasing
    The idea of buying an enterprise application from a startup company might sound like anathema to a CIO. But Chris Laping, CIO of restaurant chain <a href="">Red Robin</a>, based in Greenwood Village, Colo., disagrees. He believes we're in the middle of a significant shift that favors startups -- moving from huge applications with extensive features to task-based activities, inspired by the apps running on mobile devices.
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    State Library of NSW fast-tracks digitisation strategy

    02 September, 2014 15:37
    The library takes a closer look at $2.1 billion in assets under moves to digitise content that spans a 200-year history
    The State Library of NSW is digitising its treasure trove of information assets created over the past 200 years so they can be accessed and shared online and on mobile devices.
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    Coles planning to outsource IT: Report

    02 September, 2014 15:20
    Some IT roles to be sent offshore according to report
    Some IT staff will lose their jobs in a round of cuts at Coles' Melbourne head office, according to a media report.
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    Addressing cost and privacy issues with open data in government

    02 September, 2014 14:00
    Australia 3.0 group discusses cost of anonymising data, risk of de-anonymising
    No doubt the government’s push for more open data could drive innovation in private sector organisations, but it doesn’t come without its challenges.
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    Namecheap says accounts compromised in hacking incident

    02 September, 2014 12:54
    The attackers are likely using a large list of credentials compiled by a Russian gang, Namecheap said
    Hosting provider, Namecheap, said on Monday that hackers compromised some of its users' accounts, likely using a recently disclosed list of 1.2 billion usernames and passwords compiled by Russian hackers.
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