Vic government unveils startup launch pad

The Victorian government on Friday announced a new body that will grow the tech startup community and create jobs across the state.

Written by Byron Connolly27 Nov. 15 15:36

Australia to host RoboCup in June 2019

Business Events Sydney (BESydney) and partners, UNSW and RoboCup Junior Australia, have won a bid to host RoboCup, the world’s largest annual robotics competition.

Written by Rebecca Merrett27 Nov. 15 13:57

​ANZ upgrades online banking

ANZ on Friday announced an upgrade to its Internet banking platform, claiming it’s the first major Australian bank to offer a consistent experience to 2.1 million customers across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Written by Byron Connolly27 Nov. 15 12:46

Microsoft zaps dodgy Dell digital certificates

Microsoft has updated several of its security tools to remove two digital certificates installed on some Dell computers that could compromise data.

Written by Jeremy Kirk27 Nov. 15 05:45

VPN bug poses privacy threat to BitTorrent downloaders

A bug affecting some VPN services can be used to figure out a computer's real IP addresses, including those of BitTorrent users, which could pose a huge privacy and possibly a legal risk.

Written by Jeremy Kirk27 Nov. 15 04:43

Older Dell devices also affected by dangerous eDellRoot certificate

Users who have Dell Windows-based laptops, desktops, tablets and other devices that were bought before August should check if their systems have the self-signed eDellRoot certificate that can compromise their private communications.

Written by Lucian Constantin26 Nov. 15 18:44

NSW government finally gets serious about data sharing

NSW Minister for Innovation, Victor Dominello, has made data sharing between government agencies a key focus in the final update to the state’s ICT strategy, promising that problem solving and policy development will no longer be done in silos.

Written by Rebecca Merrett26 Nov. 15 16:27

Raspberry Pi Zero: The $US5 computer is here

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has been working to lower the cost of home computing for years, and now founder Eben Upton says it can go no further: $5 for a fully-fledged computer is as cheap as it can get.

Written by Peter Sayer26 Nov. 15 12:35

Got a new drone? Read this first

Got a new drone? You're not alone. But drones aren't like other gadgets and there are a few important safety, privacy and legal guidelines you need to follow to keep you and your drone out of trouble.

Written by Martyn Williams25 Nov. 15 22:32

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