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    Artificial intelligence system can predict data theft by scanning email

    02 October, 2014 23:37
    The UBIC system searches for signs of disgruntled or cash-strapped workers
    Workers who may be tempted to sell confidential corporate data should think twice about what they write in an email -- an AI-based monitoring system could be watching.
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    Windows 8.1 backups can leave sensitive files exposed to Internet

    02 October, 2014 23:16
    Failing to properly set up Windows File History can make private data Google-able.
    The handy File History feature in Windows 8 and 8.1 is a convenience and a time-saver, but if set up without security in mind it can expose sensitive files to anyone on the Internet, security pros were told at a conference.
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    Cisco bulks up branch routers for cloud

    02 October, 2014 23:16
    ISRs support hybrid WAN access and new Cisco ONE software licensing
    NEW YORK -- Cisco is fortifying its ISR branch routers to give users more options when accessing cloud services and backing up primary links.
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    CIOs Should Prepare for Lack of Cobol (Yes, Cobol) Developers

    02 October, 2014 23:16
    Businesses are faced with a shortage of programmers with Cobol skills, but there is hope that a new generation of developers will emerge.
    In the fast-moving, ever-changing IT industry, businesses are always chasing the "Next Big Thing" - the latest programming languages, emerging technology and project methodology - as they try and gain a competitive edge. But there's a more pressing problem looming for many companies, especially in the finance, travel and government spaces: a shortage of Cobol developers.
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    U.S. may be falling behind in researching tech's next big thing

    02 October, 2014 23:07
    Various agencies' budget requests raise the question: What is the right amount of government spending for the Internet of Things?
    The White House has identified cyber-physical system research and development as a "national priority" that could boost U.S. productivity. But federal spending is telling a different story.
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    Orange targets home applications with new mobile-to-TV gadgets and services

    02 October, 2014 23:03
    In an Apple-style launch, French network operator Orange unveils its products for the next year
    Mobile payments; home automation; health tracking; Bluetooth LE beacons; ubiquitous media streaming, and inevitably, one last surprise: In true Apple style, the product presentation was packed.
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    Is that used iPad actually stolen? Apple creates tool for would-be buyers to check

    02 October, 2014 21:41
    The tool will help prospective buyers of used iPhones and iPads to determine if the devices were lost or stolen
    If you're looking to buy a used iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device, Apple is now offering an online tool to let you first check if it's been locked down by the previous owner, which could indicate that it was actually stolen or lost.
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    Angry Birds developer slashes up to 130 jobs to 'reignite growth'

    02 October, 2014 19:56
    Rovio is laying off people to reignite growth, its CEO said
    Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish company behind mobile game hit Angry Birds, will lay off up to 130 people in its home country.
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    How hackers accidentally sold a pre-release XBox One to the FBI

    02 October, 2014 16:50
    Group member Dylan Wheeler said the FBI ended up buying a mockup of the XBox One for $5,000
    Earlier this week, an indictment was unsealed outlining a long list of charges against a group of men accused of running a three-year hacking spree that stole intellectual property from gaming companies.
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    Google shakes up cloud services market with another price cut

    02 October, 2014 14:55
    Microsoft last week cut prices of some Azure services
    Google has fired back at Microsoft with cheaper cloud services, signaling another round of price cutting in an increasingly competitive market.
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    Windows 10 could salvage 8, but is it compelling enough for enterprises to upgrade?

    02 October, 2014 14:31
    Two CIOs and Forrester analyst discuss
    Several CIOs have welcomed news of Microsoft’s Windows 10, arguing it will make amends for what Windows 8 failed to deliver to enterprises, even as they question its third-party applications compatibility.
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    Twitter invests in MIT lab focused on online social movements

    02 October, 2014 12:23
    Twitter will also provide access to its archives and real-time, public stream of tweets
    Twitter is investing US$10 million in a lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to build platforms for online collaboration by people on civic and political issues.
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    Defence boosts mainframe capacity under $31 million contract

    02 October, 2014 11:17
    Department of Defence is boosting its mainframe capacity under a $31 million contract awarded to the Australian-owned company ISI, a partner with Lockheed Martin
    The Department of Defence has finalised a $31 million contract to ramp its mainframe capacity over the next eight years and build a more robust technology infrastructure.
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    Cisco and Netgear line up behind new Helix 64-bit ARM chips

    02 October, 2014 11:03
    AppliedMicro is looking to disrupt the embedded chip market with the new SOC
    AppliedMicro has announced a new family of 64-bit ARM chips that could disrupt the stodgy but sizeable market for components used in network routers, printers and other "embedded" equipment.
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    Google-backed Thread Group opens membership, wades into home IoT marsh

    02 October, 2014 10:48
    The group wants vendors to adopt its networking stack for connected-home devices
    The Thread Group has invited more companies to join its effort at harmonizing the "Internet of things" in consumers' homes, but it still faces a tangled industry with competing and overlapping technologies.
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    Agile pays off for Coates Hire

    02 October, 2014 10:34
    Online equipment managment tool MyCoatesHire built in 12 months
    Agile development methodology was key to the successful implementation of a new online equipment management tool for Coates Hire.
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    Shellshock attacks target QNAP's network storage, FireEye says

    02 October, 2014 10:21
    A backdoor gives hackers full control over the NAS device, according to the security vendor
    FireEye has detected Shellshock attacks against network-attached storage devices made by Taipei-based QNAP and used by universities and research institutes in Korea, Japan and the U.S.
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    Super Retail Group fishes for value in the cloud

    02 October, 2014 10:02
    Company has seen a 20 per cent reduction in stock holdings within Boating, Camping and Fishing brand
    Super Retail Group has seen a 20 per cent reduction in inventory and safety stock within its Boating, Camping and Fishing (BCF) brand from a cloud software pilot it did in 2012.
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    Trying Windows 10 Tech Preview? Keep these 7 things in mind

    02 October, 2014 09:47
    The software you'll install on your PC is an early stage version of the OS that'll have bugs and will change a lot over time
    Microsoft has kicked off the Windows 10 public testing period, but the company wants the fearless enthusiasts willing to participate in the Insider Program to be aware of a number of things before they jump in.
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    In Pictures: 12 surprising ways personal technology betrays your privacy

    02 October, 2014 09:17
    It's not just your boss or the government that's spying on you, it's also the devices and technologies you embrace.
    It's not just your boss or the government that's spying on you, it's also the devices and technologies you embrace.
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