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    Blueprint for the next generation data centre

    22 December, 2014 09:00
    Can another layer of software-based complexity really help win the decades-long war on infrastructure management costs?
    The concept of running a software-defined data centre is gaining plenty of attention in IT circles. It is merely hype, or are we on the cusp of realising the full potential of virtualization?
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    Sony looking for ways to distribute 'The Interview' online

    22 December, 2014 05:24
    Theater owners were concerned about terror threats
    Sony Pictures says it hasn't bowed to threats to pull "The Interview" and audiences will get a chance to see it -- it's just not sure how at present.
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    Sony hack was 'cyber vandalism,' not act of war, says Obama

    22 December, 2014 04:33
    Sony hack was cyber vandalism, says president
    The hack of Sony Pictures, blamed on North Korea by the FBI, was not an act of war, President Obama said in an interview broadcast on Sunday.
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    US rejects North Korea offer to investigate Sony hack, reaches out to China

    21 December, 2014 11:16
    US stands firm in its allegations that North Korea was responsible for hack
    The U.S. has rejected North Korea's proposal for a joint investigation of a devastating hack on Sony Pictures, and has reached out to China for help blocking future cyberattacks.
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    North Korea wants joint probe into Sony hack, warns of consequences if not

    21 December, 2014 03:32
    The country denies FBI allegations that it was responsible for a hack into Sony Pictures
    Denying responsibility for a major hack on Sony Pictures, North Korea has proposed a joint investigation with the U.S. but promised "serious consequences" should its offer be rejected.
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    Staples says hack may have compromised 1 million-plus payment cards

    20 December, 2014 12:58
    The attack hit stores in 35 states from California to Connecticut
    The data breach at the Staples office-supply chain may have affected roughly 1.16 million payment cards as criminals deployed malware to point-of-sale systems at 115 stores, the company said Friday.
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    Judge questions evidence on whether NSA spying is too broad

    20 December, 2014 10:46
    A federal lawsuit charges that the government's Internet surveillance is unconstitutional
    A federal judge on Friday questioned the strength of a key lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the government's Internet surveillance program known as "upstream" data collection.
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    Twitter parody of North Korea's mouthpiece not afraid to crow over Sony's capitulation

    20 December, 2014 08:29
    A Twitter account that parodies pronouncements from North Korea's DPRK News Service is gaining followers with its spot-on tweets.
    North Korea seemingly wasted no time this week trumpeting Sony Pictures' decision to cancel the opening of <em>The Interview</em>, a comedy that portrayed an assassination plot against the country's dictator, Kim Jung-un.
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    Three ways enterprise software is changing

    20 December, 2014 08:19
    Today's IT shops must grapple with analysis, cloud computing and DevOps
    Once upon a time, life in the enterprise IT shop was fairly simple, at least conceptually speaking.
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    Google may launch Android Auto, making your car a big mobile device

    20 December, 2014 08:12
    According to a report, Google is planning to launch a native version of Android for car infotainment units that will offer the same Internet connectivity as a smartphone.
    Google may be planning to launch a version of Android Auto for vehicle infotainment centers -- also known as head units -- that will eliminate the need for a smartphone to be connected, giving native access to the Internet and mobile applications.
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    After FBI blames North Korea for Sony attack, now what?

    20 December, 2014 07:27
    More important than arguing over who attacked Sony Pictures is what companies do in response to the breach.
    The FBI today named the North Korean government as responsible for the cyber attack against Sony Pictures last month, saying its technical analysis points to the isolated, Communist country.
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    T-Mobile to pay $90M for unauthorized charges on customers' bills

    20 December, 2014 07:15
    The carrier will pay back subscribers as part of a settlement with the FCC
    T-Mobile US will pay at least $90 million to settle a Federal Communications Commission suit that alleged it looked the other way while third parties charged T-Mobile subscribers for services they didn't want.
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    Buckle up IT: The enterprise needs you for cloud adoption

    20 December, 2014 07:09
    For years, people in marketing or HR have been sneaking their apps and data onto the cloud, totally bypassing IT's approval or help. Buckle up, IT, those days are coming to an end.
    For years, people in marketing or HR have been sneaking their apps and data onto the cloud, totally bypassing IT's approval or help.
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    Companies battle for control of Italy's national fiber network

    20 December, 2014 07:05
    Fight brews over who gets control of Metroweb
    Telecom companies are vying for control of a small company that rents out fiberoptic cables in Milan in a competition that could determine who gets to build and control Italy's high speed telecommunications network.
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    Obama promises response on Sony hack, says pulling movie was mistake

    20 December, 2014 07:03
    His strong words came hours after the FBI said North Korea was responsible for the attack on Sony
    President Obama believes Sony made a mistake in canceling release of "The Interview" following a major cyberattack and said the U.S. is prepared to respond to the attack, but he wouldn't say when or how.
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    Trojan program based on ZeuS targets 150 banks, can hijack webcams

    20 December, 2014 05:13
    The new Chthonic Trojan borrows features from ZeuS and several of its spinoffs, researchers from Kaspersky Lab said
    A new computer Trojan based on the infamous ZeuS banking malware is targeting users of over 150 banks and payment systems from around the world, security researchers warn.
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    In 2015, EU aims to sweep away old rules on data protection and copyright

    20 December, 2014 05:07
    The Commision wants to break down national barriers to create what it calls a digital single market
    The European Commission is gearing up to solve some longstanding problems with outdated copyright and data protection laws and move ahead on new rules for roaming charges and net neutrality.
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    FBI concludes North Korea 'responsible' for Sony hack

    20 December, 2014 04:01
    Announcement follows two-week investigation into major cyberattack
    North Korea was responsible for the devastating cyberattack on Sony Pictures, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation said Friday after a two-week investigation.
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    What we know about North Korea's cyberarmy

    20 December, 2014 01:28
    Snippets of information about the secretive regime's cyberops have leaked out over the years
    The attack on Sony Pictures has put North Korea's cyberwarfare program in the spotlight. Like most of the internal workings of the country, not much is known but snippets of information have come out over the years, often through defectors and intelligence leaks.
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    Cyberattack on German steel factory causes 'massive damage'

    20 December, 2014 01:08
    The hack is one of the rare examples in which a digital attack caused physical damage
    A German steel factory suffered massive damage after hackers managed to access production networks, allowing them to tamper with the controls of a blast furnace, the government said in its annual IT security report.
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