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    Facebook apologizes to LGBT community, clarifies names policy

    02 October, 2014 05:54
    Profiles can be under users' 'authentic' name, not necessarily their legal name
    Facebook has apologized to drag queens and the larger LGBT community in the wake of controversy over the site's names policy, clarifying that users don't have to use their legal name.
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    Conservative group says 2.4 million opposed to net neutrality rules

    02 October, 2014 04:25
    American Commitment's petition doesn't include the words, 'net neutrality,' however
    More than 2.4 million people have signed letters calling on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to stop its proposed "takeover" of the Internet in an effort by conservative activist group American Commitment to reframe the debate about the agency's proposed net neutrality rules.
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    Xen Project discloses serious vulnerability that impacts virtualized servers

    02 October, 2014 04:21
    Major cloud providers like Amazon and Rackspace were forced to reboot some of their servers in order to apply the patch
    The Xen Project has revealed the details of a serious vulnerability in the Xen hypervisor that could put the security of many virtualized servers at risk.
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    FCC takes steps to make room for 'white spaces,' wireless microphones

    02 October, 2014 04:19
    The agency has proposed rules to make sure all users have enough spectrum after TV incentive auctions
    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is taking steps to ensure that both current and emerging wireless devices don't get left out when it reorganizes the frequency bands now used for television.
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    Expert: Basic hacks can compromise industrial control systems

    02 October, 2014 04:18
    Industrial control systems for dams, power plants, chemical plants and the like can be hacked with simple phishing attacks.
    Atlanta -- Sophisticated attacks like Stuxnet aren't necessary to compromise industrial control systems for dams, power plants, chemical plants and the like. Rather, simple phishing attacks followed up by using tools that are easily available through Metasploit will do the trick, security pros were told at a conference in Atlanta this week.
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    Activists push Facebook to abandon its real-names policy

    02 October, 2014 04:02
    A broad coalition is meeting with the company Wednesday
    Activists are meeting with Facebook officials Wednesday, challenging the company's real-names policy and other rules they say violate free-speech rights, sense of identity and safety.
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    ARM builds an OS for the Internet of Things

    02 October, 2014 03:58
    ARM's mbed OS will be free for use on ARM chips when it's released next year
    Chip design company ARM is stepping outside its area of expertise to release a new operating system that could play a big role in building out the Internet of Things.
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    3D vendor sells $1,500 part to make metal guns

    02 October, 2014 03:49
    Cody Wilson, creator of 3D plastic gun maker Defense Distributed, is preparing to sell a home-milling machine that can make metal gun parts.
    Cody Wilson, the developer of the world's first fully 3D-printed plastic gun, is preparing to sell a consumer-grade machine that can make metal guns.
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    IT pros should pay attention to 'shadow IT,' Interop NY keynoters urge

    02 October, 2014 03:29
    'Shadow IT,' commonly called BYOD, has existed for a long time, one says
    Interop New York speakers opened the conference with a provocative message: Instead of ignoring "shadow IT" in their organizations, IT pros should try to understand what they are failing to deliver that workers wind up taking care of themselves.
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    Don't laugh: Jimmy Kimmel Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity of 2014

    02 October, 2014 03:26
    McAfee issues its annual list of the most dangerous people to search for online -- as in, you might get a virus if you do.
    Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel doesn't fit the profile of McAfee's usual Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity, most often in recent years a female celebrity whose online images can frequently lure Web surfers to sites rife with spyware, viruses and other malware.
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    After a long road to the server market, ARM CEO Segars looks ahead

    02 October, 2014 03:20
    At TechCon this week, ARM will celebrate and show off hard-won successes
    After suffering a series of setbacks on the way to getting 64-bit ARM servers into the hands of users, company CEO Simon Segars prefers to take a fresh look at market opportunities instead of dwelling on the past.
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    FCC: Some TV stations could earn huge dollars in spectrum auction

    02 October, 2014 02:57
    The agency sends broadcasters projected earnings in the upcoming auction of TV spectrum
    Some U.S. television stations could make tens, or even hundreds, of millions of dollars by giving up their spectrum so that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission can sell it in an upcoming mobile broadband auction.
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    Hurry! Wait! Go! Joomla stumbles with patch for serious vulnerability

    02 October, 2014 02:48
    Joomla patches were reissued after the first versions broke the update process of existing installations
    The Joomla project pushed out new updates for its popular content management system Wednesday after a glitch was found in the high-priority security patches it released a day before.
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    Microsoft weaves around Office bloat complaints with Sway authoring tool

    02 October, 2014 02:05
    The new app, now in preview mode, meant to be simple yet powerful, and built from the ground up for mobile devices and cloud computing
    Reacting to chronic complaints that Office applications have become unwieldy with endless menus and features, Microsoft is developing a streamlined presentation application built from the ground up for mobile devices and cloud computing.
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    Google bows to pressure, removes news snippets from German search results

    02 October, 2014 00:50
    Google users looking for news from some German sites will see only a headline from now on
    In a move to minimize legal risks, Google has stopped showing news snippets and thumbnails for some well-known German news sites in search results.
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    OpenVPN servers can be vulnerable to Shellshock Bash vulnerability

    02 October, 2014 00:15
    Some OpenVPN configuration options open remote attack vectors for Bash vulnerabilities, VPN provider warns
    Virtual private network servers based on OpenVPN might be vulnerable to remote code execution attacks through Shellshock and other recent flaws that affect the Bash Unix shell.
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    Satellite radar measurements map the seafloor

    02 October, 2014 00:01
    Scientists were able to discover an ancient, extinct mid-ocean ridge from the Jurassic Period in the Gulf of Mexico
    An international team of scientists have created a map of the seafloor using satellite radar measurements of ocean surfaces.
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    Local Virtual Desktops May Be the (Old) New Thing in BYOD

    01 October, 2014 23:37
    For IT organizations seeking to take a more employee-centric stance by employing a Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) program
    As an increasing number of IT organizations become interested in enabling bring-your-own-PC programs for their employees, an old idea may be gaining fresh adherents: desktop virtualization.
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    4 Smartwatches (Almost) Ready for Business Use

    01 October, 2014 23:07
    Smartwatches may seem superfluous to some, but for business users on the go, these devices offer a promising way to look up information.
    If there's any segment of the population that might gravitate to the smartwatch trend, it's business users. With a quick flick of the wrist, you can see the time, your meeting schedule and even whether you're running late for a flight. Many business folks already wear a watch to keep track of the time during a hectic day filled with meetings and other appointments. Plus, a smartwatch is an extension of the smartphone we already rely on for business trips (and just about everything else).
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    Alcatel-Lucent sells enterprise networking unit to China Huaxin

    01 October, 2014 22:16
    The unit's head, now its CEO, has high hopes for the company's communications products and software-defined networking implementations
    Alcatel-Lucent has closed the sale of its IP telephony and Ethernet switching equipment activities to China Huaxin. The spun off company will struggle to compete with the likes of Microsoft and Cisco Systems, and will have to make acquisitions of its own to grow.