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    Attackers can easily create dangerous file-encrypting malware, new threat suggests

    01 August, 2014 22:21
    A newly discovered ransomware threat runs as a batch file and uses the open-source GnuPG program for encryption
    A new program that encrypts files to extort money from users highlights that attackers don't need advanced programming skills to create dangerous and effective ransomware threats, especially when strong encryption technology is freely available.
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    Austrian privacy campaigner files 'class action' suit against Facebook over privacy policy

    01 August, 2014 20:58
    People can join the suit and claim €500 in damages, campaign group Europe-v-Facebook said
    Privacy campaign group Europe-v-Facebook is inviting Facebook users outside the U.S. and Canada to join a lawsuit against the company, which it alleges violates privacy laws.
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    Microsoft ordered to turn over customer data stored in the cloud

    01 August, 2014 20:00
    Federal court says warrant for info stored in Ireland is not an extra-territorial application of U.S law; decision has privacy implications
    Microsoft has been ordered to comply with a U.S. government demand for a customer's emails stored on a company server in Dublin, Ireland.
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    In pictures: CIO Summit lunch roundtable

    01 August, 2014 14:43
    IT leaders gathered at Sydney's Hilton Hotel to discuss their backup and disaster recovery strategies.
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    Woolworths sees future in hybrid cloud

    01 August, 2014 14:27
    The supermarket chain has initiated a private cloud project dubbed ‘Storm Front’
    Woolworths is using converged infrastructure as the foundation of a transition to private cloud, but the the ultimate destination will be a hybrid setup that leverages multiple public clouds, the supermarket chain’s infrastructure chief, Matt Chamley, today told the Sydney leg of EMC Forum 2014.
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    Mitro makes password manager open source as team heads to Twitter

    01 August, 2014 13:35
    The client and server side code is being released under an open source license
    The team at Mitro Labs, the developer of a password manager, is joining Twitter, and its software is being released under a free and open source license, Mitro said Thursday.
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    Microsoft security tool EMET 5.0 puts a leash on plugins

    01 August, 2014 12:21
    The latest version of EMET allows administrators to block plugins on certain websites
    The latest release of a Microsoft security tool that's designed to stop exploits lets administrators control when third-party plugins are launched, a long favored route for attackers.
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    NAB’s Lisa Gray to depart

    01 August, 2014 11:17
    Will be replaced by Renee Roberts, the previous chief risk officer at Bank of New Zealand
    National Australia Bank’s (NAB) group executive, enterprise services and transformation, Lisa Gray, is departing the bank following a management reshuffle announced Friday morning.
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    How to recognise the cyber insider threat

    01 August, 2014 10:42
    If people start accessing systems or the data in them more often, you may have a problem
    Losing business to a competitor because one of your trusted employees has walked out the door with sensitive information doesn’t need to happen if you look for the signs and put controls in place, according to a panel of cyber security experts.
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    Some are twisting the facts in requests to be forgotten, Google says

    01 August, 2014 10:07
    Some requests are being made with 'false and inaccurate information,' Google says
    Some of those seeking to scrub their histories from the Web under Europe's "right to be forgotten" rule are being economical with the truth when making their requests, Google said Thursday.
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    Twitter received two emergency data requests from Australian govt

    01 August, 2014 09:50
    Total requests worldwide rose by 46 per cent in the first half of 2014
    Twitter received two emergency requests from the Australian government for user data and none for the removal of content during the first half 2014, according to the social network site’s latest Transparency Report.
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    Almost 200,000 people may have been affected by US visa system crash

    01 August, 2014 08:23
    Recovery efforts are being hampered by 'outdated software and hardware,' a government spokeswoman said
    Computer problems with the U.S. State Department's system for issuing passports and visas may have affected up to 200,000 people, it emerged Thursday, as the scale of the problem became clear for the first time.
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    One of Google's mysterious barges is on the move

    01 August, 2014 07:19
    Barge docked in Maine is reportedly sold and was moved out of Portland harbor
    The Maine-docked Google barge, which created so much curiosity and brouhaha last fall, is on the move.
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    Who wins if Iliad buys T-Mobile?

    01 August, 2014 07:09
    The French carrier's surprise bid for the US underdog could cheer consumers and regulators
    French carrier Iliad's surprise unsolicited bid for T-Mobile US may be good news for everyone but Sprint.
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    Most USB thumb drives can be reprogrammed to silently infect computers

    01 August, 2014 06:43
    The firmware in such devices is unprotected and can be easily overwritten by malware, researchers from Security Research Labs said
    Most USB devices have a fundamental security weakness that can be exploited to infect computers with malware in a way that cannot easily be prevented or detected, security researchers found.
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    Windows Server 2003 support expiration could push sales next year

    01 August, 2014 06:36
    The tale is akin to what happened when Microsoft ended Windows XP support, which lead to PC upgrades
    Server sales could spike with the expiration of extended support for Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 OS in July next year, a Dell executive said.
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    NASA plans next-gen scientific tools for 2020 Mars rover

    01 August, 2014 06:13
    Rover's instruments will try to make oxygen, search for minerals and signs of past life
    NASA has planned out the new and improved scientific instruments that will be included onboard the next robotic Mars rover. The instruments will look for signs of past life and the ability to create oxygen and rocket fuel on the Red Planet.
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    Attackers exploit remote access tools to compromise retail systems

    01 August, 2014 06:09
    DHS warns retailers of threat to point-of-sale systems
    Malicious hackers are using remote access tools to break into retail point-of-sale systems and plant malware on them, the Department of Homeland Security warned.
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    US judge rules against Microsoft in email privacy case

    01 August, 2014 06:03
    The company is compelled to comply with a US warrant for emails held in Ireland, a judge rules
    A U.S. district court judge has ruled against Microsoft in the company's effort to oppose a U.S. government search warrant for emails stored in Ireland.
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    MongoDB snags key Oracle engineer

    01 August, 2014 05:44
    The chief architect behind Oracle 6, Roger Bamford will be helping MongoDB mature its namesake NoSQL database
    Upstart NoSQL software vendor MongoDB has snagged a key engineer from the ranks of Oracle, the company's largest competitor in the database software market.