Hot skills driven by VR, machine learning

Demand for virtual reality experts and machine learning engineers is spiking as enterprise adoption of these technologies grows.

Written by Ann Bednarz26 Aug. 16 01:06

Proposed ‘social media ID, please' law draws outrage

A plan by the U.S. government to require some foreign travelers to provide their social media IDs on key travel documents is drawing outrage from group who call it un-American.

Written by Patrick Thibodeau25 Aug. 16 20:01

How Boeing’s transformation is taking flight

Boeing's CIO, Ted Colbert is leading a technology transformation that will prepare the $96 billion aviation giant for its second century of operation.

Written by Byron Connolly25 Aug. 16 14:53

​Drones to deliver Domino’s pizzas

Pizza retailer, Domino’s has announced that it will start delivering food using drones following a new agreement with Flirtey.

Written by Byron Connolly25 Aug. 16 10:19

Passwords stolen from Mail.Ru were old, the company says

A hack claims to have breached 25 million user accounts from forums belonging to Mail.Ru Group. But all of the stolen passwords are invalid, according to the Russian Internet company.

Written by Michael Kan25 Aug. 16 10:07

Teradata Accelerators help put IoT on the fast track

A new set of technology-agnostic software-and-service solutions from Teradata aim to help companies rapidly transform business models and optimize processes using IoT sensor data streams.

Written by Thor Olavsrud25 Aug. 16 05:06

New GDDR6 memory could hit GPUs in 2018

Virtual reality and gaming are changing the way PCs are built and driving the development of new types of memory for GPUs.

Written by Agam Shah25 Aug. 16 04:52

Google is using AI to compress images better than JPEG

Small is beautiful, as the old saying goes, and nowhere is that more true than in media files. Compressed images are considerably easier to transmit and store than uncompressed ones are, and now Google is using neural networks to beat JPEG at the compression game.

Written by Katherine Noyes25 Aug. 16 04:23

Startup IDVector anonymizes like Tor

A pair of former defense cyber security contractors is launching IDVector, a service that creates encrypted connections through an anonymizing network to shield users’ identities and locations and to protect their machines from internet-borne attacks.

Written by Tim Greene25 Aug. 16 02:48

LinkedIn ProFinder helps freelancers land jobs

LinkedIn doesn't want to overlook the growing U.S. freelance workforce, so it released a new tool, called ProFinder, that's designed to match independent workers with businesses seeking their services.

Written by Matt Kapko25 Aug. 16 02:00

9 top tools for corporate cloud collaboration

These nine cloud collaboration tools can help organizations communicate more effectively, share and modify files, track all changes, create detailed 'mind maps,' and more.

Written by Paul Mah24 Aug. 16 22:18

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