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  • Mitel drops ShoreTel bid

    By Tim Greene | 18 November, 2014 04:18

    Customers of ShoreTel phones and unified communications gear can stop worrying that their lives might get complicated by a merger between the company and its rival Mitel.

  • Mitel takes aim at Avaya with ShoreTel bid

    By Tim Greene | 21 October, 2014 08:59

    Anyone thinking about signing a deal with ShoreTel for unified communications gear might want to take a closer look now that Mitel has made public its hopes to buy the company.

  • OnBeep developing walkie-talkie type wearable for mobile devices

    By Mikael Ricknäs | 21 August, 2014 01:53

    OnBeep is readying a wearable device that will let smartphone users initiate a voice chat with a pre-defined group of people, walkie-talkie style, and to support its development the startup announced Wednesday it has closed a US$6.25 million funding round.

  • Blue Jeans introduces online forum for industry collaboration, customer advocacy

    By Larry Hettick | 02 July, 2014 23:14

    Blue Jeans Network, a video collaboration service provider, has introduced an online platform that gives people direct access to one another as well as to engineers, product developers, and company executives. The community is designed to give customers and the larger industry a forum to propose new product ideas, share feedback, and request support.

  • FCC broadband report offers fodder for net neutrality discussions

    By Larry Hettick | 23 June, 2014 23:02

    A recent FCC study may have taken some wind out of the sails for those who suggest that ISPs are not living up to performance promises. In its fourth such annual report, "Measuring Broadband America-2014," the FCC has found that, on average, ISPs now provide 101% of advertised download speeds.

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  • With WebRTC, Real-Time Communications Come to the Browser

    By Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel | 05 June, 2013 12:49

    The WebRTC standard aims to make peer-to-peer communication over the Web as easy as picking up a phone. Here's what developers need to know about WebRTC, including how to set it up and what limitations the protocol currently faces.

  • Optimize your router for VoIP and video

    By Jon L. Jacobi | 10 December, 2010 02:33

    We're at an awkward stage as the age of network-streamed multimedia matures. Broadband and cell providers have only recently realized the public's enormous appetite for streaming video, VoIP, and the combination of both.

  • The ABCs of VoIP

    By Sheena Finnegan, Cisco Presales Engineer, CDW | 30 September, 2010 08:17

    Given the importance of telephone systems, refreshing the technology can be daunting. However, for small and midsized businesses who consider upgrading from a PBX to VoIP, the benefits are clear and, with proper planning, the implementation is not very frightening. Consider these three steps:

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  • Unify Your Network for a Mobile Enterprise

    While corporations are issuing a growing array of wireless devices into the workplace, employees, partners and guests are also bringing in personal smartphones, tablets and laptops and expect to be able to connect them to the network seamlessly. Find out how your organisations can deliver high-performance applications, anywhere, on any device and over any access media.