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  • Melbourne water utility seeks first CIO

    City West Water (CWW), one of three Victorian Government owned retail water businesses serving metropolitan Melbourne, is seeking its first CIO.

    Written by George Nott10 Jan. 17 12:03
  • Q&A: CTO Geoff Purcell on the changing tide at Melbourne Water

    ​When Geoff Purcell joined Melbourne Water in January last year, he arrived to a fragmented IT team, ageing asset management and business process systems, and endless disparate databases. But there was also a multi-million dollar, cross-business digital strategy that hoped to bring the government owned statutory authority up to date.

    Written by George Nott18 Aug. 16 09:15
  • Sydney Water's new CIO hits reset

    "We can reset the operating model in a way that we become a digital business rather than an analogue business with a digital veneer. That’s the vision."

    Written by George Nott07 June 16 12:57
  • ​Western Power speeds up electricity outage detection

    WA-government owned energy supplier, Western Power, has deployed a cloud-based data analytics solution that enables engineers to investigate the locations and underlying causes of repeated outages across its 250,000 square kilometre network.

    Written by Byron Connolly20 Oct. 15 12:05

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