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  • Don't Give Your Job Search a Summer Vacation

    By Sharon Florentine | 17 July, 2014 23:42

    For most people, summer's the perfect time to relax, take a vacation and operate at a more leisurely pace than during the rest of the year. But if you're a job-seeker, you can't afford to put your search on the back burner. Instead, use the slower pace and longer days to your advantage.

  • Are Social Media Giants Betraying Your Trust?

    By Matt Kapko | 26 June, 2014 00:58

    The leading social media companies are outraged over NSA surveillance, but would that spying even be possible if Facebook, Google and Twitter weren't collecting data and selling it to online marketers? Social media companies unintentionally opened new windows for spies to creep into our lives, and their claims of innocence are insincere.

  • How Social Media Is Enhancing the World Cup Experience

    By Matt Kapko | 14 June, 2014 02:06

    More than a billion people will tune in to watch the final match of World Cup 2014. But before then, even more will share their highs and lows on social media. (And if Twitter and Facebook can't turn you into a futbol fan, maybe a Brazilian supermodel can.)

  • When social media strategies go wrong

    By Byron Connolly | 20 May, 2014 14:11

    We’ve all heard the stories: An employee calls in sick, doesn’t go to work and then posts photos on their Facebook page or another social media site while at the cricket. But what happens when a corporate social media campaign fails?

  • 8 Expert Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    By Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | 09 May, 2014 00:24

    Small business digital marketing pros share their top picks regarding the best ways for businesses with big plans but small budgets to market their products or services.

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  • Managing the Social Media Mix

    The growth in social media has overwhelmed many marketers. Things are moving so fast that many brand managers stay busy keeping tabs on the latest developments and trends, with little time to look at the mix of social media being put into the market. This whitepaper provides a step-by-step guide for determining your strategy, and the proper mix or marketing channels - in social media.