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  • In Pictures: 9 new Twitter features and tweaks coming in 2015

    By Matt Kapko | 20 November, 2014 08:32

    Coming soon to a Twitter timeline near you, these nine new features, which are expected to roll out during the coming year, put a new focus on video, direct messaging, alerts and notifications, and more.

  • Now you can search every tweet that was ever sent

    By Zach Miners | 19 November, 2014 10:17

    Want to look at tweets posted during the 2008 summer Olympics? Or tweets you sent on your vacation a few years ago? Soon you'll be able to. Twitter is enabling users to search through its entire index of roughly half a trillion public tweets.

  • IBM Taps Twitter's Data to Drive Business Insights

    By Matt Kapko | 19 November, 2014 03:42

    The enterprise sector is undergoing such a transformation that companies recently deemed unfit for the corporate world are now sitting at the head of the table. So if IBM's partnership with Apple seemed like a hell-freezing-over moment in the middle of summer, last month's follow-up deal with Twitter would have to be characterized as a deep freeze.

  • In Pictures: How 41 tech companies got their names

    By Yoni Heisler | 18 November, 2014 09:57

    From Apple to Amazon to Microsoft to Twitter, the names of some of the world's most popular tech companies tend to have interesting and significant backstories.

  • CMOs Must Capitalize on Digital Moments of Engagement

    By Tom Kaneshige | 18 November, 2014 03:28

    Imagine that a CMO at a hospital delivers an emotionally powerful television commercial touting wellness. Because many consumers watch television with a tablet in hand, the CMO also runs a Twitter campaign as the commercial airs. The commercial sparks a Twitter conversion.

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  • Managing the Social Media Mix

    The growth in social media has overwhelmed many marketers. Things are moving so fast that many brand managers stay busy keeping tabs on the latest developments and trends, with little time to look at the mix of social media being put into the market. This whitepaper provides a step-by-step guide for determining your strategy, and the proper mix or marketing channels - in social media.