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  • Optus rolls out 4.5G network in Sydney

    ​More than 70 per cent of the Optus network will be able to access its new 4.5G network within the next 12 months, the company said today.

    Written by George Nott22 Feb. 17 14:30
  • Tyro says: "Hey Siri, pay my bills"

    ​SMEs to customers of Sydney-based independent bank Tyro can now pay their bills by asking Apple smartphone assistant Siri to do it for them.

    Written by George Nott20 Feb. 17 09:48
  • Government calls on white hat hackers

    ​The Australian Government is urging white hat hackers to enter a 24-hour cyber security competition.

    Written by George Nott01 Feb. 17 11:28
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  • LTE makes headway on global roaming, speed and voice

    LTE is simultaneously being pushed forward on several fronts, and the result for users will be faster networks, better coverage and the ability to access networks while travelling abroad.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs28 June 13 10:37
  • Operators lay groundwork for global LTE roaming

    More subscribers, networks with better coverage and devices that can be used in more countries are converging to make LTE roaming a more viable proposition, with some operators already offering such services on a limited scale and more on the way.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs25 March 13 17:45
  • Review: Telstra Frontier 4G

    The Telstra Frontier 4G is the first prepaid 4G smartphone in Australia.

    Written by Ross Catanzariti17 Jan. 13 16:12
  • Motorola Xoom review

    Motorola's Xoom tablet runs version 3.0 of Google's Android operating system — dubbed Honeycomb. Honeycomb is the first version of Android to be designed for use with tablets; previous versions were optimised for the smaller screens of smartphones.

    Written by TechWorld staff09 May 11 14:56