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  • 7 technologies poised for failure in 2013

    Which technologies and products will be put out to pasture in 2013? Some are no-brainers, some others might say are poised for a comeback and a couple might surprise you.

    Written by John Brandon19 Dec. 12 11:11
  • 7 tech trends that will impact your business in 2013

    What's in store for 2013? IT professionals need to be prepared for a mix of old (biometrics), new (3-D printing), borrowed (apps for watching TV) and blue (unemployed skeuomorphic designers).

    Written by John Brandon18 Dec. 12 11:03
  • Where are mobility and consumerization of IT heading in 2013?

    Analysts predict that cloud computing will play a larger role in mobility and consumerization of IT, Windows Phone and Android tablet sales will grow and there will more hot-desking in large organisations in 2013.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett07 Nov. 12 14:04
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  • 7 most important tech trends Of 2012

    Technology trends can come and go with little more than a (Google) Wave, but seven trends of 2012 are here to stay. Some came out of nowhere, while others emerged after years of development.

    Written by John Brandon26 Nov. 12 15:11

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