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  • Debunking the top open source myths

    By Rob Howard | 06 September, 2014 06:44

    Today many IT executives choose open source over proprietary software for everything from cloud computing to facilitating teamwork among remote workers. Open source increases security and privacy, encourages an engaged community and offers the ability to "look under the hood" to diagnose and resolve issues quickly.

  • Does Microsoft Really Love Open Source?

    By Paul Rubens | 21 August, 2014 23:17

    Microsoft's relationship with the open source movement has undergone an extraordinary transformation over the last few years, from a deep hostility to what can only be described as an embrace.

  • Clueless CIOs aside, open source is 'frightening and fantastic'

    By Julia King | 08 May, 2014 01:43

    There's a reason the theme song at this year's Open Business Conference was 'Happy.'

  • Career Watch: The rise of people architecture

    By Jamie Eckle | 24 March, 2014 10:37

    In managing human resources, people architecture is gaining popularity, says IT workforce analyst David Foote. He explains what it is and why it's on the rise.

  • Facebook Open Sources Thrift Protocol ... Again

    By Thor Olavsrud | 19 February, 2014 22:27

    After more than six years of internal development of its branch of the cross-language framework that powers its internal services, Facebook has released that branch to open source and hopes to work with the Apache Thrift community to incorporate the work.

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  • Big Data must become a first class citizen in enterprise

    Big Data within the enterprise is about having more access to data to gain insight into competitive, strategic, or operational issues facing the organization. •Big Data must integrate with the IT organization, the data center and the business •Enterprises must look to find the best way to analyse and use data •Data operations should cover manageability, security, and integration

  • Why Open Source Hadroop Matters