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  • How to Make Accounting and CRM Systems Play Nice

    By David Taber | 04 September, 2014 00:14

    Last week, I submitted an expense report to a client. The accounts payable representative made me revise the report four times to put things in the right buckets and correct a $1.04 error. (Really.) Of course, I can't charge anybody for his or her time, and the A/P department is really busy because it's "understaffed." (Uh-huh.)

  • Hacking PingPlotter, Part 2

    By Mark Gibbs | 24 July, 2014 22:45

    In the previous column on hacking PingPlotter I discussed how you can use the tool's Web interface and the curl utility to add targets to be tracked, for example, to add a single host you would enter the following on the command line:

  • Create Magical Vendor Presentations Using Analytics, TED and Steve Jobs

    By Rob Enderle | 14 March, 2014 12:39

    The best TED speakers, channeling Steve Jobs, are dynamic, engaging and moving. Meanwhile, analytics technology can provide near-real-time feedback on whatever you want, including audience (dis)engagement. So why are so many tech industry events just more of the same?

  • Understanding How SDN and NFV Can Work Together

    By Ed Tittel | 28 January, 2014 15:54

    As software-defined networking and network function virtualization begin to take hold in the enterprise, it's worth examining each concept to see how they complement each other. The end result: More generic network hardware and more open software.

  • How to script: A Bash crash course

    By Paul Venezia | 08 March, 2013 11:08

    An easy step-by-step guide to the Bash command-line shell and shell scripting

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  • From M2M to IoT: Old industries have to learn new tricks

    By Stephen Lawson | 19 December, 2014 06:13

    The Internet of Things may be a new idea, but machines talking to other machines is not.

  • ‘Unlawful' WiFi hotspot blocking ruling highlights academic IT headaches

    By Jon Gold | 08 October, 2014 03:16

    Managing the wireless environment at the average college or university can be a difficult task at the best of times, and when students and staff start using personal hotspots the sort that provide wireless data access from the same -- it's not the best of times.

  • Incremental SDN: Automating Network Device Configuration

    By Ethan Banks | 09 September, 2014 23:39

    The definition of Software Defined Networking (SDN) continues to broaden, today including functions such as configuration automation and orchestration. While these tasks aren't strictly SDN, the fact is software is used to define some aspect of the network infrastructure in both cases, so vendors have stretched the definition of SDN to bring configuration automation and orchestration platforms into the mix. In fairness, the line gets blurry, as some modern orchestration systems use programmatic interfaces to provision the network instead of traditional configuration tools such as SSH or SNMP.

  • A common theme in identity and access management failure: lack of Active Directory optimization

    By By Jonathan Sander, Strategy & Research Officer, STEALTHbits | 06 September, 2014 06:07

    From the vantage point of most people, even technical folks, Active Directory (AD) seems like it's doing pretty well. How often can you not log in when you sit down at your PC? How often do you fail to find someone in the corporate directory in Outlook? How many times have you heard of an AD outage?

  • Calling a Truce in CIO-CMO Budget Battles

    By Adam Dennison | 27 August, 2014 22:40

    Thanks to my job as publisher of this magazine, I have the pleasure of meeting dozens of our CIO readers each month at the various events we hold across the country, and I'm also in regular touch with the vendor community. This unusual combination gives me a 360-degree view of the hottest topics and trends in our industry.

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