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  • ​NBN introduces new discount model for RSPs

    NBN is moving to a new discount model for its connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) charge that will provide more price certainty for retail service providers that are selling national broadband network services.

    Written by Byron Connolly17 Feb. 17 11:50
  • ​Fiber Corp execs lash NBN

    Fiber Corp’s CIO, Joel Clarke, has attacked NBN, claiming there’s something wrong with the service when 60 per cent of people who can get it are using non-NBN networks or “communicate using tin cans and a string.”

    Written by Byron Connolly09 Feb. 17 16:11
  • ​NBN hookups nearing 4 million

    Around 3.8 million premises are now able to access the national broadband network, NBN said in its half year results announcement on Thursday.

    Written by Byron Connolly09 Feb. 17 10:43
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  • Home Wi-Fi networks the next target for cyber crime: Layer 10

    Wi-Fi may be the networking method of choice among apartment blocks cropping up in increased numbers in Australia’s major cities, however increased reliance on wireless internet is resulting in more security risks, according to Layer 10 Consulting.

    Written by Hamish Barwick07 April 11 10:43
  • A CIO's Guide to the NBN

    Australia's $43 billion National Broadband Network will usher in a new era of connectivity and business innovation. Here's what CIOs need to know...

    Written by Darren Horrigan19 Nov. 09 07:51
  • Tasmanian NBN Co appoints board

    The Tasmania NBN Co Limited (TNBN Co) has been established to rollout and operate the National Broadband Network in Tasmania.

    Written by CIO Staff14 Aug. 09 07:31
  • Reform Commission lays out e-health recommendations

    There is increasing frustration and mounting cynicism with the pace of action on implementing a national e-health platform, according to a National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission report released today.

    Written by Tim Lohman27 July 09 15:41

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