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  • IBM books CopLink into the cloud

    Potentially giving smaller law enforcement agencies a hand in fighting crime, IBM has migrated its CopLink search service to the cloud, minimizing the amount of work needed to hook into the North American crime-fighting database.

    Written by Joab Jackson23 June 15 02:30
  • Google takes on real-time big data analysis with new cloud services

    Google is betting that real-time processing is the future of big data analysis, and has updated two of its cloud services to help enterprises understand what is happening in the moment with their customers and operations.

    Written by Joab Jackson17 April 15 02:58
Features about Managed Services
  • Enterprises look for help managing security logs

    Managed security services have been growing in popularity over the past several years, and the latest task enterprises are looking to offload to an outside provider is security information management.

    Written by Ellen Messmer22 Jan. 10 08:05

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