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  • Oracle lays out Lego-like future of Java

    Developers have plenty to look forward to in Java, given efforts afoot to add modularization and improvements data access and performance.

    Written by Paul Krill14 March 15 00:58
  • Waratek tackles Java application security

    Waratek is introducing its first product aimed at Java application security, and it works by identifying weaknesses, especially in open-source platforms, and then acts like a shield against attacks.

    Written by Ellen Messmer17 June 14 01:55
  • Big Data Application Framework Gets Update, SQL Interface

    Open source big data application platform specialist Concurrent has released a new version of the Cascading application framework and simultaneously released Cascading Lingual 1.0, an ANSI SQL interface for Hadoop.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud19 Nov. 13 15:38
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  • Who are the real winners in the Microsoft-Oracle deal?

    The new Microsoft-Oracle partnership benefits both companies, as Oracle gets access to Azure and Microsoft can finally license Java. Will the deal have any effect on either company's enterprise customers?

    Written by Paul Rubens15 Aug. 13 19:02

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