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  • 5 Ways CIOs Can Rationalize Application Portfolios

    By Thor Olavsrud | 14 March, 2014 12:54

    The pressure is mounting for CIOs and other IT leaders to help the business enable new disruptive technologies like mobile, social, cloud and big data, but many CIOs are struggling to do so because maintaining and supporting legacy applications consumes the lion's share of the budget. Here are five recommendations for rationalizing your application portfolio.

  • State of the CIO 2014: The Great Schism

    By Kim S. Nash | 02 January, 2014 13:31

    Digital strategist or traditional CIO? Our 13th annual State of the CIO research reveals the great career divide.

  • IT Increases Application Outsourcing Despite Disappointing Strategic Value

    By Stephanie Overby | 12 July, 2013 13:14

    Five out of 10 outsourcing buyers will up their bets on applications outsourcing, according to a joint survey from KPMG and HfS Research, but they continue to be disappointed by providers' analytical capabilities and innovation.

  • Looking for change

    By Tim Mendham | 31 May, 2013 11:48

    A billion dollar enterprise that employs just over 4500 people. An organisation that is pushing the boundaries of new communications technologies. A corporation that is constantly developing new products and services to reach the widest audience, both within Australia and internationally. And a business that has just passed its 80th birthday, and is a technology leader in its industry.

  • Opinion: Innovate from the inside

    By Bridget Gray | 28 April, 2013 20:19

    Successful organisations do two things well. Firstly, they innovate externally by, for instance, producing better products than their competitors. Secondly and just as importantly, they innovate inside their businesses.

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