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  • Data+ Awards: Ingram Micro nets 135% increase in service renewals

    In a tight economy, every sale counts, even the small ones. That's particularly true for the 3,700 North American resellers that provide service to the customers of $38 billion Ingram Micro, a global IT distributor and a Fortune 100 company.

    Written by Sue Hildreth26 Aug. 13 13:47
  • Ipanema will offer WAN optimization as a small business service

    Ipanema Technologies, the France-based maker of WAN optimization gear, announced Monday that it would integrate that technology into the company's AppsWork product, which is designed for use by small businesses.

    Written by Jon Gold27 Nov. 12 21:55
  • 2013 prediction: BYOD on the decline?

    BYOD cost savings and greater worker productivity are myths, says one researcher. BYOD will get a reality check in 2013.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige13 Nov. 12 19:39
  • Got cyber insurance?

    <a href="">Heartland Payment Systems</a> figured it was in pretty good shape when it took out a $30 million cyber insurance policy. Unfortunately, the credit card transaction processor was the victim of a massive data breach in early 2009 that resulted in losses estimated at $145 million. The insurance company did pay Heartland the $30 million, but the company was on the hook for the remaining $115 million.

    Written by Lamont Wood24 Oct. 11 15:29
  • Digislide signs new NA distributor

    Digislide (ASX:DGI) has signed a deal to sell its gaming projectors through channels including Amazon and OfficeMax, through new NA distributor Navarre

    Written by Dylan Bushell-Embling27 Sept. 11 18:59