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  • Supply chain management in Australia - Part 3

    By David Braue | 21 September, 2011 07:00

    As if data quality and stockouts weren’t enough of a day-today worry for CIOs, added pressure to serve demanding online customers and keep up with changing legislation are creating new challenges. With several retail giants lumbering online and the looming introduction of the government’s new carbon tax, CIOs need to be working with procurement, financial and other business leaders to ensure supply-chain systems are up to today’s new challenges.

  • Tablet revolution reality check

    By Melissa J. Perenson | 17 January, 2011 17:41

    With so much chatter about tablets this year, you might think that the handheld, rectangular devices being unveiled represent a significant innovation. The reality is that so much of what we're seeing is not a whole lot different than what we saw in previous years; these products offer only a few new twists. But those new twists could make the difference between tablets' remaining a niche item and their finally busting out to the mass market in a meaningful way.

  • Fujitsu to offer Windows 7 upgrades but not for free

    By Martyn Williams | 22 June, 2009 18:12

    Fujitsu will charge for Windows 7 upgrade vouchers when it begins offering them shortly to people that buy a PC ahead of the operating system's Oct. 22 launch.