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  • Facebook seeks new CIO

    Facebook is searching for a new CIO following the announcement Timothy Campos would be leaving the role after nearly six years.

    Written by George Nott30 May 16 15:08
  • WhatsApp expands to the desktop

    WhatsApp is taking its popular messaging service to the desktop with a new Mac and Windows app released Tuesday.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank11 May 16 10:23
  • Facebook fires back at political allegations

    U.S. Senator wants to know who is ultimately responsible for approving Facebook's top trending topics and whether news curators excluded stories related to conservative views.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin11 May 16 06:20
  • AI looms large in Google's view of the future

    Google's Founders' Letter was an exception this year for the fact that it was penned by Google CEO Sundar Pichai rather than Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

    Written by Katherine Noyes29 April 16 08:37
  • Zuckerberg sees 'better than human' AI in next 10 years

    Mark Zuckerberg expects artificial intelligence will progress to make computers better than humans at basic sensory perception within the next 10 years and Facebook will end up knowing a lot more about you.

    Written by Martyn Williams29 April 16 00:40
  • Why Facebook wants rivals to build hardware

    Facebook bet big on hardware and software, but instead of selling its own network infrastructure products, transmission technology or 3D video camera systems, the company open sourced all of its related designs so they're available to competitors for free. Here's why.

    Written by Matt Kapko20 April 16 00:05
  • Companies test the waters with Facebook chatbots

    Facebook announced last week that businesses will be able to use chatbots in its popular Messenger app. Two companies, The Muppets Studio and theScore, have high hopes for chatbots in interacting with fans.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin19 April 16 06:20
  • Facebook at Work pushed to ‘later this year’

    Facebook at Work wasn’t absent at F8, but it was relegated to a small booth where workers handed out swag and gave canned demos. The enterprise collaboration product is behind schedule, and Facebook will say only that wider availability is coming sometime in 2016.

    Written by Matt Kapko16 April 16 06:47
  • Facebook is bringing in the bots and AI

    By opening the floodgates for bots on Facebook Messenger, the social media leader hopes to kindle a more modern and efficient mode of communication between businesses and their customers.

    Written by Matt Kapko14 April 16 05:50
  • Watch out: Facebook has a VR selfie stick

    If there are two hot new tech trends that make their users look colossally dumb, they're virtual reality and selfie sticks. At its F8 developer conference today, Facebook showed how the two can be brought together in an unholy marriage.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank14 April 16 04:10

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