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  • Cisco leaves key to all its Unified CDM systems under doormat

    Cisco Systems recently realized that its Unified Communications Domain Manager (Unified CDM) software contains a default privileged account with a static password that cannot be changed, exposing the platform to hacking by remote attackers.

    Written by Lucian Constantin03 July 15 21:13
  • MIT tests 'software transplants' to fix buggy code

    Like visiting a junk yard to find cheap parts for an aging vehicle, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with a way to fix buggy software by inserting working code from another program.

    Written by Joab Jackson30 June 15 07:54
  • Cybercriminals adopt recently patched zero-day exploit in a flash

    Just four days after Adobe Systems patched a vulnerability in Flash Player, the exploit was adopted by cybercriminals for use in large-scale attacks. This highlights the increasingly small time frame users have to deploy patches.

    Written by Lucian Constantin30 June 15 00:50

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