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  • Aerovironment's Quantix drone is all about the data

    Aerovironment's Quantix drone can cover 400 acres of land in under an hour, gathering data which can then be analyzed using the company's cloud service.

    Written by Magdalena Petrova19 Nov. 16 05:37
  • Intel's drones will draw Disney animations in the sky

    Drone shows can be fun to watch, much like fireworks displays. Intel's been flying an army of hundreds of drones that move in a coordinated fashion, creating an effect that looks like a mid-air ballet.

    Written by Agam Shah17 Nov. 16 11:15
  • Intel's build-from-scratch drone kits to take off next month

    It's fun to buy a drone from a store, but perhaps more fun to build one from scratch. Intel in December will start shipping a fully loaded drone kit to do just that, with all the parts including the rotors, software, 3D camera and flight controller.

    Written by Agam Shah10 Nov. 16 08:53
Features about drones
  • Top drone startups find venture capital flying their way

    With unmanned aerial vehicles (i.e., drones) here to stay, entrepreneurs are pouncing on the opportunity to safeguard people from having these flying machines drop in unexpectedly and venture capitalists are buying in.

    Written by Bob Brown21 April 16 23:53
  • Where are smart machines heading in 2015?

    Job losses will be on the cards for information workers next year, while more countries will trial driverless cars and drones for delivering goods, analysts predict.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett17 Dec. 14 15:52

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