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  • Intel vs. ARM: Two titans' tangled fate

    By Jim Turley | 27 February, 2014 14:22

    Intel has barely made a dent in the mobile market, while ARM has been wildly successful. Does that spell doom for Intel -- or is ARM's triumph overblown?

  • Sisters bet robotics in schools will plant seeds for STEM careers

    By Agam Shah | 26 February, 2014 21:34

    Can robots steer students towards careers in science and technology? Melissa Jawaharlal thinks so and she's built a robotics kit to prove it.

  • Mindspeed acquisition fuels Intel's hopes for bigger network role

    By Stephen Lawson | 17 December, 2013 23:48

    Intel's acquisition of mobile network assets from silicon vendor Mindspeed Technologies will give the chip giant what it needs to extend the Intel architecture throughout mobile operator networks, helping the carriers upgrade hardware and roll out new services more quickly, according to Intel.

  • Bringing brains to computers

    By Agam Shah | 17 December, 2013 21:48

    For decades, scientists have fantasized about creating robots with brain-like intelligence. This year, researchers tempted by that dream made great progress on achieving what has been called the holy grail of computing.

  • Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Round: few new features, but posh design

    By Michael Kan | 24 October, 2013 08:05

    What different advantages can a curved screen bring to a smartphone? Well, not a whole lot. But Samsung's newest smartphone, the Galaxy Round, comes off as a posh device that may be the company's best looking handset yet.

  • Could be business as usual with Intel's new CEO

    By Sharon Gaudin | 02 May, 2013 20:17

    With Intel's new CEO ready to step up next month to lead the world's largest chip maker, industry analysts don't expect to see any big change in strategy.

  • Europe looks to ARM chips for supercomputing edge

    By Patrick Thibodeau | 15 November, 2012 11:13

    The European Union is moving to build a high-performance computing industry to challenge U.S. dominance, but it doesn't want to play catch-up. It wants to leapfrog, and it is seeing whether ARM Holdings technology can give it that edge.

  • Samsung laying groundwork for server chips, analysts say

    By Agam Shah | 07 November, 2012 17:51

    Samsung's recent licensing of 64-bit processor designs from ARM suggests that the chip maker may expand from smartphones and tablets into the server market, analysts said this week.

  • Autonomous cars will arrive within 10 years, Intel CTO says

    By Sharon Gaudin | 22 October, 2012 17:42

    Intel CTO Justin Rattner predicts that driverless cars will be available within 10 years and that buyers by then will increasingly be more interested in a vehicle's internal technology than the quality of its engine.

  • What smartphones will be like in 2012

    By Jared Newman | 12 November, 2011 01:31

    Since the advent of the first modern smartphone--arguably the original Apple iPhone in 2007--the power of these mobile computing devices that also happen to make phone calls has advanced by leaps and bounds.

  • Display tech to watch this year: Haptics create a buzz

    By Robert L. Mitchell | 16 March, 2011 05:33

    If multitouch display technology is proliferating, haptic feedback is helping to fuel the trend. Haptics provide tactile feedback to your fingers as you touch a display by vibrating all or part of the display surface.

  • ARM CEO: PC market not our target

    By Agam Shah | 12 January, 2011 05:41

    Chip design firm ARM grabbed the spotlight at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week when Microsoft announced that its new Windows OS would work on the ARM architecture. ARM processors go into most of the world's smartphones and tablets, and with Windows support, the company can now focus on the wider market for PCs, where it has virtually no presence. Nvidia also announced that it was building its first ARM-based chip, code-named Denver, for PCs and servers.

  • What's new in PC components

    By James Mulroy | 11 January, 2011 02:35

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) isn't just all tablet, cameras, and laptops; there's plenty of news for the PC component geek, too, ranging from tiny flash drives that pack a lot of heat to the hand-held gaming console.

  • Is the Microsoft-Intel marriage finally over?

    By Robert X. Cringely | 08 January, 2011 09:25

    Cringely here, reporting from CES in Vegas, where rude beasts walk the earth (at least, the ones that don't crawl or slither), impeded in their forward progress only by hip-deep mounds of tablet PCs. Everyone appears to be tapping, swiping, and gesturing on some kind of sleek black touch-sensitive device, when they're not squinting at blurry 3D screens waiting for their turn with the polarized glasses.

  • Ways to share spare CPU cycles

    By Ian Paul | 16 August, 2010 03:15

    A network of hundreds of thousands of home computer users recently discovered a rare celestial object by donating their computers' downtime to a worthy cause.