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  • What CIOs Need to Know Before Relying on Startups

    By Jonathan Hassell | 26 February, 2014 16:19

    It seems there's a startup for everything these days. Sure, there are benefits from introducing new, more efficient systems to your enterprise, but there are also technical, financial and practical considerations before signing on with a startup tech company. Here are the pros and cons.

  • Developing the Competencies of a Future-State CIO

    By Steve Kelner and Chris Patrick | 19 April, 2010 06:41

    Outstanding CIOs most resemble outstanding CEOs. That was the eye-opening benchmark established when the CIO Executive Council, as part of its Future-State CIO initiative, teamed up with Egon Zehnder International (EZI) two years ago to build a leadership competency assessment for CIOs and senior IT leaders.

  • CIO says communication is key to buy-in

    By Stephen Lawson | 15 April, 2010 06:41

    To ensure harmony between IT and business management, Jeff Kubacki recommends communication, communication, and more communication.

  • Taming the Knowledge Towers

    By Rodney Gedda | 09 April, 2010 05:03

    With a diverse business unit portfolio that includes direct mail, call centres and electronic document management, Salmat CIO David Hackshall is working hard to instil a culture of collaborative knowledge management at the company and turn innovation into efficiency.

  • ACMA's Business Transformation Journey

    By Rodney Gedda | 01 April, 2010 13:51

    Trashing a truck-load of old equipment and physically cleaning up rooms may not be indicative of the average IT transformation project, but the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) took a ground-up approach to modernising its business processes.

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  • CIO Executive Council Cyber Security Handbook

    This handbook has been put together to clearly explain the evolving role of cyber security to anyone in an organisation. You’ll find practical insights and questions you should be asking plus advice on how to transform redundant cyber security approaches into effective ongoing security solutions. •Learn the 11 questions leaders should use to start a conversation with the CIO’s in their organisation •Find out the 10 assumptions commonly that are a danger to implementing adequate security •Plus, get the Cyber Security Checklist which outlines the questions you should be able to answer about your organisation

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