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  • 5 Ways to Prevent Data Loss in Mobile Environments

    By Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel | 20 March, 2014 13:15

    Confidential company data can make its way onto mobile devices, where it's no longer under the protection of your toughest network defenses. Does that make your data vulnerable? To find out, review some strategies for preventing data loss on mobile devices.

  • How to Test the Security Savvy of Your Staff

    By Kim Lindros and Ed Tittel | 24 February, 2014 13:58

    How do you know your employees retain what you teach them in company-required security awareness training? You don't -- unless you regularly test their security savvy and effectively address their mistakes during post-test follow-up sessions.

  • 10 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

    By Vangie Beal | 29 October, 2013 12:46

    Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to connect to businesses of all shapes and sizes. From optimizing your website to capturing holiday sales on mobile devices, these tips will help improve your mobile marketing strategy.

  • 5 Ways CIOs Need to Prepare for Obamacare

    By John Brandon | 26 September, 2013 12:59

    Healthcare reform in the United States focuses mainly on providing coverage to the uninsured, and odds are good that your company offers health insurance to most employees. However, there are still reporting and security requirements you'll need to deal with -- and you'll have to be a vocal leader to make sure these tasks are a high priority.

  • 4 Client-Side Web Storage Options That Replace Cookies

    By Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel | 03 September, 2013 18:09

    Several standards exist for storing large amounts of data in a user's Web browser. Each has its benefits, tradeoffs, W3C standardization status and level of browser support. All are better than cookies.

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  • Cyber Security Handbook | Empowering the CIO

    The CIO Cyber Security handbook was created at the request of <i>CIO Executive Council</i> members to help ICT leaders elevate the security discussion. It includes CIO case studies, practical tools, facts and figure, checklists, frameworks, Board questions and more to help ICT leaders take charge of the security dialogue within their organisations. <br> <br> To find out more about the <i>CIO Executive Council</i>, <b><a href="">click here </a></b>

  • Dealing with the data deluge

  • Technology Management in the Age Of The Customer

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