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  • Why you're not investing enough in IT security

    The minute you outsource responsibility or governance of information security to a third party, you tie a noose around your neck and hand the end of the rope to a vendor.​

    Written by Rodney Byfield13 Jan. 17 11:49
  • ​CPSU defends ABS over Census debacle

    The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) has defended Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) staff who worked on the 2016 Census saying they displayed a high level of professionalism “under difficult circumstances and significant funding pressures.”

    Written by Byron Connolly22 Sept. 16 13:17
  • Census outage caused by DoS attacks says ABS

    ​The Australian Bureau of Statistics has blamed Denial of Service attacks originating from overseas for the outage which hit the census website last night. But security experts have expressed their doubts.

    Written by George Nott10 Aug. 16 09:43
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