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  • How to Increase Your Online Sales With A/B Testing

    By Nathan Segal | 14 February, 2013 14:15

    The A/B testing process lets you determine what words, phrases, images or other elements of a Web page lead to the most sales conversions. To help you improve your online market strategy, this article provides an overview of the A/B process and offers some hints for improving your copywriting.

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  • Why Ad Tech Consolidation Is Good for CIOs

    By Matt Kapko | 09 December, 2014 03:15

    In just a few short years, advertising technology has become one of the fastest growing areas in the tech world. There are now hundreds, maybe even thousands, of ad tech companies vying for a piece of the digital marketing pie, but few are self-sustaining businesses.

  • 6 digital marketing pros define programmatic advertising

    By Matt Kapko | 29 October, 2014 00:58

    In conversations with marketing professionals, it's rare for five minutes to pass without the topic turning to programmatic advertising. Ad dollars spent on direct programmatic initiatives are expected to reach $9.8 billion by the end of 2014, according to eMarketer.

  • Ninemsn takes targeted approach to big data

    By Hamish Barwick | 05 June, 2013 14:34

    Running a news website that is solely dependent on advertising for revenue means that ninemsn owner Mi9 has to mine customer data to engage in behavioural targeting.

  • Google's antitrust settlement means few changes

    By Grant Gross | 03 January, 2013 21:37

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission's antitrust settlement with Google will create few changes in the way the company operates, both critics and fans of the deal said.

  • Why Oracle bought Eloqua, and what it means for the market

    By Chris Kanaracus | 20 December, 2012 20:59

    Oracle surprised many tech industry observers by announcing Thursday it would pay US$871 million for marketing automation software vendor Eloqua. The move seemed a bit unlikely given the amount of sales and marketing software Oracle already had.

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