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Here's how much Tesla will require EV owners to pay to charge up

Tesla has announced the prices vehicle owners will have to pay to use its Supercharger stations. A trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco will now cost about $15 under its plan. But, early adopters will still be able to juice up for free.

Written by Lucas Mearian14 Jan. 17 06:37

How happy of a driver are you? Toyota's Concept-i knows

I have never really stopped to ask myself whether or not I enjoy driving, but user enjoyment is one of the main goals of Toyota's Concept-i car. To demonstrate what it might feel like to drive the Concept-i, Toyota has set up a simulator at CES in Las Vegas.

Written by Magdalena Petrova07 Jan. 17 15:24

Honda's amazing Riding Assist motorcycle won't fall over

Honda has developed a self-balancing technology for motorbikes that keeps them upright. The system, which is still in the prototype stage, could reduce the number of motorcycle accidents in slow-moving traffic.

Written by Martyn Williams07 Jan. 17 14:41

There's not much to see at the location of Faraday Future's factory

Faraday Future's plans for its factory are as grand as the plans for its car. The 3 million square-foot factory will cost a billion dollars and is scheduled to be up and running in 2018, but a visit to the site of the factory today reveals little more than dirt.

Written by Martyn Williams06 Jan. 17 11:34

Uber economy could kill off taxis and help fight global warming

Using a new computer algorithm, MIT researchers showed that self-driving vehicles being tested by services such as Uber and Lift could nearly eliminate the need for most of New York City’s taxi fleet, reducing pollution and increasing ride time efficiency.

Written by Lucas Mearian05 Jan. 17 22:01

Toyota's Concept-i car humanizes AI

The Concept-i comes with an AI agent dubbed, Yui, which will monitor a driver's attention, emotions and even have a conversation.

Written by Magdalena Petrova05 Jan. 17 15:59

Taking a ride in Hyundai's Ioniq autonomous car

It was only a couple of years ago that auto makers started appearing at CES touting self-driving car systems. Now those vehicles are taking to the roads in various trials around the world and on Wednesday in Las Vegas, I got a chance to ride in an autonomous version of Hyundai's Ioniq four-door sedan.

Written by Martyn Williams05 Jan. 17 08:59

Chrysler unveils a high-tech car for millennials

Chrysler is betting millennials will want to be as connected in their cars as they are at home with a new concept car that mixes high-tech gadgetry with a head-turning design.

Written by Martyn Williams04 Jan. 17 14:16

How Microsoft rebounded to outshine Apple

As more consumers grow disenchanted with Apple, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to cash in on the growing popularity of Surface devices.

Written by Sarah K. White21 Dec. 16 20:00

Waymo takes wraps off autonomous minivans

Now that Google has turned its autonomous car research project into a business, the company unveiled a different kind of driverless car that is being road tested.

Written by Sharon Gaudin20 Dec. 16 07:50

GM to be the first to deploy self-driving cars on Michigan roads

On the heels of a Michigan law allowing autonomous vehicles to use public roads, GM has announced it will immediately begin testing autonomous Chevy Bolts there and will begin production of those cars in 2017.

Written by Lucas Mearian17 Dec. 16 06:42

Feds want cars to talk to each other to avoid crashes

The Department of Transportation has proposed a rule that would require vehicle-to-vehicle communication tech on all new light-duty vehicles, enabling a multitude of new crash-avoidance apps.

Written by Lucas Mearian16 Dec. 16 08:42
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